MCL provides Ambulance to District Blood Bank Deogarh

Sambalpur: Health care facilities are one of the basic prime need required by the any community members. In order to provide proper health care facilities MCL under its CSR initiative has provided an Ambulance to the District Red Cross Blood Bank, Deogarh. The vehicle will be used for collection of blood from the interior villages of Deogarh district as well as adjoining districts as a result of which, the district blood bank will have reserve of ample bloods for meeting the requirement of medication of rural population.

The proposed work has been undertaken by MCL on deposit basis with the district administration of Deogarh. It will serve approximately 4.50 lakhs population living in Deogarh district and in the bordering area. An amount of Rs 13,29,661/- has been provided by MCL for l procurement of Ambulance.

There has been acute shortage of blood at Deogarh Blood Bank. The patients of the District Head Quarter Hospital and various nursing homes are in need of bloods frequently. Due to non availability of sufficient blood, patients have to be referred Burla and Cuttack. Deogarh is a malaria prone district. Besides, huge number of sickle cell patients are admitted in the hospitals for whom blood is required frequently. Red Cross Blood Bank, Deogarh is the only blood bank which is situated in the headquarter..

The vehicle will be used to carry the para-medical staff to the blood donations camps and it will have the facility to collect blood with donor couch fitted inside it, so that blood donation camp can be organized at remote villages. It also has a blood bank refrigerator fitted inside.

Overall this Ambulance service is a small step with a big leap by MCL to bring an inclusive change in the health facilities for the residents of Deogarh District.

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