MCL organises talk on ‘communalism free’ India

Bhubaneswar, September 12, 2017: Communalism free India will be the beginning of a New India remained the focus of the talk show organised today by Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) at the Exhibition-cum-Seminar on New India We Resolve to Make at the Institute of Physics, Bhubnaeswar.

Dr Priyabrata Dash, Eminent writer and speaker shared the dais to deliver talk on the Communalism Free India on the4th Day of exhibition-cum-Seminar organised by Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs in association with MCL and the Directorate of Advertising and Visual Publicity.

Before we discuss the emergence and growth of communalism, it is perhaps necessary to define the term. Communalism is man created and communalism creates rebels in society. Communalism is basically an ideology. Communalism is the belief that because a group of people follow a particular religion they have, as a result, common secular, that is, social, political and economic interests. “Communalism is more about politics and less about religion, said Dr Dash while addressing the gathering.

Narrating the difference between communalism and religion Dr Dash said the degeneration of religion called communalism. Every religion gives a big stress on values that are common with humanity. All religions together give big stress on humanity. Hence when we see the comprehensive meaning of religions we can not impart the blame of communalism on to them. It is a few people with vested interests, by propagandizing parochial understanding of religion, are cultivating communal extremism.

Students across the city visited the exhibition on pre-independence history of India and they were excited to learn the historical events. After visiting the exhibition, Today’s evening concluded with mesmerizing Gotipua and Sambalpuri dance by Dayal welfare organisation, Balasore.

It may be noted here that, the exhibition cum seminar ends tomorrow everyday with talk shows like To Make the country free of poverty, to make the country free of communalism and to make the country free of corruption and cultural programme by Song & Drama Division, Bhubaneswar (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) in the afternoon 1600 hrs to 19.30 hrs.

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