MCL offers 22.5 lakh tonne coal via RCR mode to fillip coal despatch

Coal stocks at 12.5 million tonne to rise further as company pushes for higher production

Talcher: Coal India arm Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) has offered 22.5 lakh tonne coal to the power consumers via road-cum-rail (RCR) mode as coal stock rises above 12.5 million tonne at the mines with gradual increase in coal production from mines in final quarter of financial year 2022.

MCL is looking for opportunities to maximise despatch as coal stock in company is slated to increase further with increase in production from its coal mines in Odisha.

The offer of 22.5 lakh tonne coal through RCR more to consumers was made after this new initiative, with 18 lakh tonne coal allocation to State/Central GENCOs in November & December 2021, successfully helped MCL in liquidating stocks.

Till date more than 8.5 lakh tonne coal, equivalent to about 225 rakes, has already been lifted by the State and Central GENCOs to build up stocks at their power plants. They are lifting coal from various mines of MCL and transporting the same to their plants through nearby goods-shed sidings, like Nirgundi, Rajathgarh, Hindol Road, Laikera Siding etc.

MCL had 12.2 million tonne coal stock at its mines on 1st of January 2022 and the same is increasing with gradual increase in coal production.

The leading Coal India subsidiary, which alone contributes more than one-fourth to total coal production, has produced 123 million tonne as on date, with a growth of 15% over last financial year. Similarly, record overburden removal of 156 million cubic meters to date, at the growth of about 20% over FY’21, has ensured availability of sufficient coal to further accelerate coal production to achieve highest ever coal production in FY’22.

The company is aggressively implementing first-mile connectivity projects with a capital outlay of Rs 3,600 crore by 2024 for the rapid movement of coal to the consumers.

MCL has a coal production target of 163 million tonne for financial year 2021-22.


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