MCL makes inroads towards cleaner households in rural hinterlands

Sambalpur:’MANTRA’ ( Movement and action program for Transformation of Rural Areas) is CSR project which MCL is executing in partnership with ‘Gram Vikas’, a non-profit developmental organisation engaged in rural upliftment and working towards dignified living of rural community. Under this project, MCL is making available toilets and bathroom facility in 364 households. The villages for this project were meticulously selected based on select indicators of remoteness, institutional support, demography, socio-economic status, and overall backwardness. The project is being implemented in Panchgaon, Pokharasalhe GP of Jharsuguda district and Kukramunda and Pumerjore & Khukhandabahal in Sundargarh district. The project started in Q2 of ‘2018 has seen completion of Toilets and Bathrooms in October’2019. In the second stage, work of piped water supply is under process.

The project is modeled as participatory community mobilization in the form of labour and building material by households. In addition, each households contributes Rs1000 towards creating a village corpus fund to support new households coming up in the future. O&M cost is met by mobilization of village committee. This vision of beneficiaries definitely deserves accolades for their visionary view on importance of sanitation.

It may be noted that, MCL has leapfrogged in the sanitation space in this financial year when it signed MOU with railways for commissioning of toilet blocks in the circulating areas of all 232 railways stations of Odisha. This project is being implemented by RITES and MCL is financing 58 crore.

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