Maoist posters and banners surface in Niyamagiri again demanding release of human rights defenders

Report by Badal Tah, Rayagada: Recent observance of martyr’s week from July 28 to Aug 3 witnessed series of Maoist posters and banners in Niyamagiri’s Parsali, Muniguda, K Singpur areas of Rayagada district giving a clarion call to youth to join People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army (PLGA) and not to cooperate the police force.

Not even one month has passed. The red rebels under the banner of CPI(Maoist), State Committee has pated several pamphlets and hung banners in the GP headquarters of Parsali under Kalyan Singpur block. The said GP, population wise dominated by a PVTG(primarily Vulnerable Tribal Group) called Dangaria Kandha, earlier known as primitive tribe, is perennially witnessing development deficit.

A special agency called Dangaria Kandha Development Agency(DKDA) having its headquarters at Chatikona is meant to work for the integrated development of this tribe. Unfortunately, the head office is situated out of the operational area for the reasons best known to Babus. A DKDA office is there in Parsali and ever closed since its establishment. The ultra left extremists have hung their banner on DKDA office gate which never opens.

The demands include to immediately release human rights activists namely Sri Vara Vara Rao, Poet & Activist of AP, Smt Sudha Bharadwaj, Activist-Lawyer of Chhattisgarh, Social Activist Sri Gautam Navlakha, Writer-Activist Sri Arun Ferreira, Writer-Activist Mr Vernon Gonzalves and others who were recently arrested by police, unite against  Central Govt, stop state extremism in the plea of Bhimakoregaon incident, stop oppression on social activists, lawyers, intelligentia, journalists & human right defenders residing in Maoist infested areas.

“Unless development process is accelerated on a priority basis for Dangaria Kandhas in Niyamagiri range, the area will be a soft refuge for the red rebels”, said Sri Satya Narayan Pratika, a local tribal leader.