Manas Sahoo creates sand art on International Women’s Day

Puri: On the eve of International Women’s Day, famous Indian sand artist Shri Manas Sahoo has built a sand art on the golden sea beach of Puri.

By comparing women with a huge tree which faces all adversities, women too tolerate all pain and suffering and how she is able to take care and protect her family. As a tree by its shade gives comfort in a sunny day and turns the environment in to a healthy one, in the same way women after getting educated, educates and helps in the cause of a healthy society, her child, her family and the entire human civilization, to build a civilized society, which in turn helps progress and prosperity of nation. It is these subjects, these issues, issues related to the respect of women, protection to them, sand artist Manas Sahoo has created an attractive sand art on the golden sea beach of Puri.
This sand art is of 15 feet in width and some 20 tonnes of sand is used to build it. To build this magnificent art it took Shri Sahoo and the students of his Institute some 7hrs time. In this art on the occasion of International Women’s Day the message ” Women are as courageous as men ” is given to the entire world.


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