‘Mahanadi Peace Initiative’ welcomes Govt. of India’s decision to set up the Mahanadi Tribunal

Sambalpur: ‘Mahanadi Peace Initiative’ welcomes Govt. of India’s decision to set up the Mahanadi Tribunal . We are happy to learn that the Government of India has finally agreed to form a Mahanadi Tribunal under the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 to resolve the conflict over sharing of Mahanadi between Chhattisgarh and Odisha. We welcome this decision, said Ranjan Panda, Mahanadi River Waterkeper, in a press release.

As we have repeatedly been pointing out, such a Tribunal may take many years to come up with a formula for dispute resolution between the two states, it would be unwise for both the riparian states to stop a peace and dialogue process. Mahanadi is already in deep distress and both the states need to take up many course correction measures to save the river from further decay and dying.

We at #MahanadiPeaceInitiative have already tweeted both Odisha and Chhattisgarh Chief Ministers ‘21 Agenda Points’ urging upon them to start working on these points without fail if they are serious about saving the river Mahanadi.

We are sharing below all the tweets for information of the esteemed media and common people and request you to kindly give adequate coverage so that the Chief Ministers start working on these vital aspects of river management and rejuvenation.

We are also urging upon people, civil society actors, experts and others to visit our tweets at @MahanadiRiver (twitter handle of Mahanadi River Waterkeeper) and retweet the same to @CMO_Odisha (twitter handle of Odisha CM) and @drramansingh (twitter handle of Chhattisgarh CM) with the hashtag #MahanadiTribunal and #MahanadiPeaceInitiative to help advocate the cause of real issues of Mahanadi.

Our tweets to both Odisha and Chhattisgarh CMs are as follows:

Tweet 1: We welcome news of the #MahanadiTribunal but as we have already said don’t hesitate to talk on real issues.

Tweet 2: #MahanadiTribunal will most likely work on old data unless you insist on new cumulative ecological impact assessment.

Tweet 3: Insist on an independent expert committee for understanding ecological degradation before #MahanadiTribunal

Tweet 4: #MahanadiCoalBelt issues need to be discussed in #MahanadiTribunal or else the conflicts wouldn’t settle.
Tweet 5: To end conflicts in Mahanadi, you need to promote decentralised irrigation & TWHS (Traditional Water Harvesting Systems). Say no to big dams.

Tweet 6: You need to oppose #RiverLinking plan thru #MahanadiTribunal as Mahanadi is water deficit already.

Tweet 7: Mahanadi is highly polluted due to coal mines, coal fired power plants & other industries.

Tweet 8: #MahanadiTribunal can’t solve pollution problems. Make a joint plan to regulate industrialisation & fix accountability (ac).

Tweet 9: Mahanadi needs a #FlyAsh management policy as it has become a big menace. #MahanadiTribunal won’t address it.

Tweet 10: Forest loss in the Mahanadi basin is a big culprit in reduced water flow. Use #DMF and #CAMPA funds wisely. (DMF = District Mineral Fund, CAMPA = Compensatory Afforestation Funds)

Tweet 11: Recognising community forest rights under FRA (Forests Rights Act) will help rejuvenate Mahanadi basin. Please work on that sincerely.

Tweet 12: Stop diversion of forests for mining & industries from Mahanadi basin to retain water flow.

Tweet 13: Stop diversion of irrigation water to industries and increase agro-ecological organic farming in Mahanadi.

Tweet 14: Dear Drought in Mahanadi and floods too are mostly man-made. Devise a joint strategy to mitigate.

Tweet 15: Right of farmers, fishermen and indigenous communities on Mahanadi is shrinking. Recognise their rights.

Tweet 16: Urbanisation in Mahanadi basin is highly polluting and unsustainable. Plan green urbanisation to save the River.

Tweet 17: Lean season flow in Mahanadi is reaching ZERO point due to indiscriminate industrial allocation. Revert it!

Tweet 18: Degradation of forests & surface water bodies two main reasons for increased floods, droughts & reduced water. Arrest the same!

Tweet 19: #MahanadiTribunal can’t address all these vital issues. You need to dialogue & correct course.

Tweet 20: #MahanadiPeaceInitiative a forum of 100s of citizen orgs & experts always willing to help rejuvenate Mahanadi!

Tweet 21: Mahanadi needs peace. Conflict can’t save it. Apply your good reasons & facilitate dialogue.