Mahanadi Coalfields Limited signs MoU with BAIF for Rs 20 Cr CSR project “Utthaan” in Odisha

Sambalpur: Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL), a leading subsidiary of Coal India Limited, today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Bharatiya Agro Industries Foundation (BAIF) for a CSR project “Utthaan” to uplift the economic status of the rural households under company’s command area in Odisha by providing them sustainable livelihood opportunities.

The company will spend Rs 20.29 crore in next five-and-half-year under this MoU, which was signed here by Mr B Sairam, General Manager (CSR), MCL and Dr D N Shindey, vice-president, BAIF, in the presence of Mr LN Mishra, Director (Personnel), MCL.

“This association of MCL with BAIF, which has a proven record in the field of community development, will go a long way in the socio-economic development of rural peripheral villages,” said Mr Mishra.

With this CSR project, MCL aims at creating opportunities of gainful self-employment for the poor rural families by promoting Agro-based activities in 40 shortlisted villages of Jharsuguda, Angul, Sundargarh and Sambalpur districts in Odisha.

The executing partner BAIF will set-up Cluster Offices in these four district to undertake activities of animal husbandry, dairy farming, goat rearing, backyard poultry farming, horticulture etc. along with awareness creation and capacity building programmes.

Covered under point No. 2 of Schedule VII appended to the Companies Act i.e. promoting livelihood enhancement projects, this comprehensive community development programme will benefit 6,174 families.

Besides plantation and aftercare of fruits and forest trees, cultivation of suitable intercrop, post-plantation care, improved agri practices, pest management and soil conservation, this CSR programme will also work on bringing changes in behavioural aspects with respect to safe drinking water, health awareness, clean kitchen, sanitation and use of toilets in the rural villages.

MCL, which is a leading coal producer, contributing to 25 per cent of total coal production of Coal India, is also the top contributor to Odisha under its CSR initiatives.

Successively exceeding its CSR spends, MCL contributed Rs 267 crore under CSR during the financial year ended March 2018, as against prescribed Rs 123 crore.