Mahanadi Coalfields Limited organised Training Programme on “Ethics in Public Governance”

Burla: On 22 June a Training Programme on “Ethics in Public Governance” was conducted by Mahanadi Coalfields Limited (MCL) Vigilance Department in collaboration with MCL HRD Department. The Programme was inaugurated by Munawar Khursheed, IRPF, Chief Vigilance Officer MCL, in which around 40 officers from all areas of MCL participated. The Programme will continue for two days i.e 22.06.17 to 23.06.17.

In the inaugural speech, the CVO MCL gave a broad and practical overview of the “Ethics in Public Governance” and laid stress on practicing of ethical code of conduct in work place. He further envisaged the need for carrying forward the message to the grass root level.
The Programme included topics like Context setting in Ethics, Ice- Breaking, Go- Green , Joy of Giving & Pleasure of Taking etc.
The Objective behind such program is to create ethical atmosphere while discharging duties as a Public servant. The Vision and Mission of Coal India was also thoroughly elaborated. Awareness was given regarding “Core values” and “value card” of Coal India Limited.

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