Madhya Pradesh needs support also for Narmada Express-Way and Ram Van Gaman Path: CM Chouhan

Bhopal :Union Minister for Road Transport, Highways and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Shri Nitin Gadkari besides dedicating several roads of Madhya Pradesh, laid foundation of new works. Through virtual programme, inauguration/foundation stone was laid of 45 road projects of 1361 k.m. in length costing total Rs. 11 thousand 427 crore. Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan participated in the programme from Mantralaya, whereas many union ministers and ministers of Madhya Pradesh, Members of Parliament and Members of Legislative Assembly attended the programme from different places.

While congratulating people of the state for construction of new roads and works started for many roads, the Union Minister Shri Gadkari said that Madhya Pradesh will prosperous in the leadership of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The need of construction of roads in Madhya Pradesh will be fulfilled by the union government. He gave consent to the proposals of public representatives for works worth Rs. 700 crore from the Central Road Infrastructure Fund (CRIF). Necessary amount will also be paid by granting approval to the proposals. There is a vast scope in handcraft development and tourism sector in the state. His ministry will render maximum cooperation in building Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. In order to ensure more and more employment to youths and to enable them to participate in development of state, no delay will cause in approving projects of Madhya Pradesh. Shri Gadkari further mentioned that the roads which have been dedicated and for which the foundation has been laid will help in accelerating the pace of economic development of the state. The projects will help in reaching rural areas from main cities easily, boost tourism, generating employment and l help farmers, businessmen along with general people in saving time, energy and money. The economy of Madhya Pradesh will gain speed. In approved projects, Shri Gadkari also mentioned today about expectations of public representatives as regard to long awaited completion of construction of bridge in Orchha, Gwalior-Dewas route and works in Dabra, Jabalpur, Rewa, Bhopal, Sanchi, Sagar and Bina.

Approval to new 5 routes worth Rs. 10 thousand crore

Union Minister Shri Gadkari granted approval to 5 new routes costing Rs. 10 thousand crore for the year 2020-21. These include National highway Ujjain-Jhalawad 132 k.m., Sagartola-Kabir Chabutra 45 k.m., Indore-Sanawad-Baregaon 136 k.m, Borgaon-Burhanpur-Akola 174 k.m. and Budni-Rahti-Nasrullaganj 43 k.m. Shri Gadkari said that D.P.R. of some road construction works in Madhya is being prepared, which will be approved soon. Ninety seven works costing Rs. 5325 crore have been sanctioned under the Central Road Infrastructure Fund (CRIF). Along with this, works worth Rs. 30 crore have been approved under the Inter-State Connectivity and Economic Importance (ISC & EI). An amount of Rs. 2855 crore has been given to Madhya Pradesh under the CRIF. Shri Gadkari further stated that Madhya Pradesh has NH roads of 13 thousand 248 k.m. length, which have been expanded continuously in the state.

Delhi-Mumbai Corridor will be lengthiest express-way of the World, M.P. to be benefitted

Union Minister Shri Gadkari has informed that necessary procedure will be completed soon for Chambal Atal Progress-Way under Bharatmala Plan. This route is 358 k.m. long. This will bring speed in the progress of Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan. Referring to Delhi-Mumbai Corridor, Shri Gadkari said that this corridor will be built at a cost of Rs. One lakh crore and become useful in saving time and fuel. This will make possible to reach Mumbai from Delhi in 12 hours. A target has been set to complete it before 2023. This will be the lengthiest express-way of the World. Under this project, it is expected to save about Rs. 15 thousand crore against land acquisition. This highway will be 244 k.m. in length in Madhya Pradesh. Union Minister Shri Gadkari further mentioned that he is committed to ensure decline in road accidents. He also gave consent as regard to starting new driver training centres in the state. Shri Gadkari said that not only in Madhya Pradesh but in the country, decline has been recorded in accidents because of improvement works at many black spots on roads. Shri Gadkari assured granting sanctions for Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh under the Atmanirbhar Bharat by rendering full support to Madhya Pradesh for road construction projects and development of agriculture based small industries.

Innovations of Central Government laudable

Presiding over the virtual inaugural/foundation laying programme, Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that today is a day for Madhya Pradesh for adding a new chapter of progress. The style of Shri Gadkari to accomplish works with promptness and quality of financial management is incomparable. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan further mentioned that the mantra of Atmanirbhar Bharat of the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi is being realized by Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh. Expressing gratitude to the PM Shri Narendra Modi and Shri Gadkari on behalf of the people of the state for getting gift of roads in Madhya Pradesh, Shri Chouhan said that he wish to felicitate such dynamic public leaders. Union Minister Shri Gadkari never denied approval to any work of the state related to his ministry but have granted approval without any delay. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan informed Shri Gadkari that the draft of Atmanirbhar Madhya Pradesh has been finalized today itself. Water based transport is being considered in Madhya Pradesh. Besides using Omkareshvar and Indira Sagar reservoirs for tourism, a roadmap has been made for new activities in MSME sector. This will help in boosting industrial development of the state. He further stated that 2 out of 8 routes of 329 k.m. in Madhya Pradesh have been approved. These routes include Nasrullaganj-Rahti-Budni 42 k.m. and Sagartola-Kabir Chabutra 44 k.m. Land is available for remaining 6 routes. He urged the Union Minister Shri Gadkari for granting approval to Jirapur-Picchore, Bhojapura-Dholkhedi, Kurwai-Mungawli-Chanderi, Jirapur-Susner, Pawai-Chandiya and Bamitha-Khajuraho. He also expressed gratitude to Shri Gadkari for efforts made in the direction of road safety. Shri Chouhan said that many lives are being saved today with these efforts. These kinds of innovations of the Central Government are laudable praiseworthy.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that he also expects support from the central Government for Ram Van Gaman Path. At present, approval has been received for 121 k.m. long one part i.e. Maihar-Satna-Chitrakoot of this route. In the same way, he expects full cooperation for starting driver training centers in districts and for commencing logistic hub on BOT model in Indore and Jabalpur.

Appeal to increase support for Madhya Pradesh in one time investment policy

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that many roads in Bharat Mala Project pass through Madhya Pradesh which has become a boon for the state. Shri Chouhan said that an agency has been decided for the alignment and survey of land related to Narmada Expressway. As per the proposal, a total of 968 km length from Amarkantak to Jabalpur, Budni, Khategaon, Kukshi and Alirajpur is proposed in Madhya Pradesh. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that land acquisition may take some time as this area is fertile. Shri Chouhan urged Union Minister Shri Gadkari for quick completion of this work in collaboration with NHAI. He also urged the Union Minister for 65 road construction works worth Rs 182 crore of 278 km length under the One Time Investment Policy. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan lauded Shri Gadkari for resolving complicated matters also. Building 32 km roads per day is nothing short of a miracle.

Remarkable works carried out in road construction

Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Panchayat Raj and Rural Development, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar said that Shri Nitin Gadkari is known for realizing new imaginations. After completion of the historic work of Mumbai-Pune Express Highway, the then Prime Minister Shri Atal ji had urged him to construct roads for rural areas. Shri Gadkari has done amazing work in the road construction sector.Shri Gadkari has made significant contribution in the approval of Progress way for developing Chambal region of Madhya Pradesh as a separate entity other than rugged area, development of roads near the religious site of Shanichara and approval for new road construction projects for the entire state. Not only this, the important work of amendment in the Motor Vehicle Act is also attributed to Shri Gadkari.

Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Shri Thawarchand Gehlot said that this series of road construction started in Madhya Pradesh by Chief Minister Shri Chouhan and Union Minister Shri Gadkari will be helpful in increasing prosperity. Union Minister of State for Culture and Tourism (Independent Charge) Shri Prahlad Patel said that the scenario in the areas benefiting from the approval of roads in the state including Chhatarpur, Sagar is changing.Union Minister of State for Steel Shri Faggan Singh Kulaste said that it is a matter of pleasure that Madhya Pradesh is receiving full support from the Union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways in the matter of road construction. Union Minister of State for Road Transport and Highways, Dr. V.K. Singh said that the moment of the inauguration of 26 road construction schemes of Madhya Pradesh and foundation laying of 19 schemes is a matter of joy. The length of N.H. roads increasing by 69 km in the state in the last six years is an achievement. Madhya Pradesh Public Works, Cottage and Village Industries Minister Shri Gopal Bhargava said that new roads will give new direction to development of the entire state along with backward areas of Bundelkhand and Vindhya region. With the upgradation of roads, improvement of zigzag roads and widening of narrow bridges, the common people are being facilitated. Tourist places like Orchha and Khajuraho are being developed in a new form, which will be beneficial for both domestic and foreign tourists as well as local people. In the virtual programme, the ministers, MPs and MLAs of Madhya Pradesh government associated with the project area also took part in the video conference from different places. Chief Secretary Shri Iqbal Singh Bains, Secretary of Public Works Department and officials of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India were also present.

Projects that were dedicated

1. Rewa-Maihar- Katni-Sleemanabad-Jabalpur-Lakhnadoun four lane, cost Rs 4348 crore, NH-30 and 34, length 287 km.

2. Biaora-Pachore-Sarangpur-Shajapur-Maksi-Dewas section four lane, cost Rs 1584 crore, NH-52, length 131 km.

3. 6/4 lane widening in Bhopal-Biaora section from Lalghati to Mubarakpur, including Bhopal ROB, cost Rs 374 crore, NH 46, Length 8 kms.

4. Two lanes in Bhopal-Sanchi section, cost Rs 305 crore, NH-136, length 54 km.

5. Four-lane widening in Gwalior-Shivpuri section (Naugaon to Satanwada) cost Rs. 1055 crore, NH-46, length 97 km.

6. Four lane widening (Mohna Town portion) in Gwalior-Shivpuri section, Dabra Town in Gwalior-Jhansi section and Jaurasi temple approach road from Simaria Tekri to Haripur Tiraha) cost Rs 79 crore, NH-46 and 44, Length 14 km.

Apart from this the roads dedicated today include, two-lane paved shoulder works – Sanchi-Sagar section, Rewa Sirmaur section, Sagar-Chhatarpur section and Khilchipur-Jeerapur section. Their combined cost is Rs 730 crore and the length is 214 km. Similarly, the strengthening works which have been dedicated include Biaora-Maksudanganj Road, Anjad-Theekri Road, Jabalpur-Kundam Shahpura-Dindori Road and Sagar Tola-Kabir Chabutra section. Their combined cost is Rs six crore and length is 12 km. Six construction works have been launched under CRIF with a total cost of Rs 275 crore and length 165 km.These include Narsinghpur-Kerpani-Sarsala Road, Shivpuri Loop Road to Shitalamata Chinor Road, Makoda-Chhimak-Bagwai-Karayavati-Saankhani-Ghumeshwar-Badgaur Road and Pagara-Karod-Piroda Khurd-Bhootmadi-Rusalla-Khamkheda Road (B.T.) Barlaai-Jagjir-Mundla Hussain Dhankhedifata to Dhankhedi Jaitpura Dharampuri road and railway over bridge at Betoli railway gate in Vidisha district.

Projects for which foundations were laid

Foundation stone of projects laid down by Union Road Transport and Highways and Micro, Small and Medium-Enterprises Minister Shri Nitin Gadkari, with Chief Minister Shri Chouhan today, are –

1. Widening of Harda-Betul four lane route (Chicholi-Betul) cost Rs 620 crore, NH-47, length 40 km.

2. Katni bypass four lane widening – cost Rs 194 crore, NH-30, length 20 km.

3. Harda-Betul four lane widening (Harda Temgaon) – cost Rs 555 crore, NH-47, length 30 km.

4. Indore-Harda – Four lane widening (Nanasa-Pidgaon) – Cost Rs 867 crore, NH-47, Length-47 km.

Strengthening work of 6 routes in the state – (cost-Rs 84 crore) length 172 km

1. Indore-Betul NH-47

2. Ambua to Dahod NH-56

3. Gulganj-Amanganj-Pawai-Katni Road NH-43 Extension

4. Tikamgarh-Prithvipur-Orchha Road-NH-539

5. Dinara-Pichore Road – NH-346

6. Sawai-Madhopur (Rajasthan) to Sheopur-Goras-Shyampur Road-NH 552 Extension

Four-lane ROB on Jerai of Sagar-Khurai-Bina section and two-lane ROB on Jaruakheda (cost Rs 144 crore) NH-934

Bridges to be constructed

1. Bridge over Betwa river on NH-539

2. Bridge over Jabalpur-Dindori on NH-45 extension

3. Construction of bridge over NH-47 Indore-Betul section at a cost of Rs. 60 crore on Kshipra river.

Along with these works, four construction works of 59 kilometers costing Rs 85 crore will also be undertaken under CRIF.

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