Madhya Pradesh Migrant Labourer Commission constituted

Bhopal : The Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has said that Madhya Pradesh is committed to provide employment to migrant labourers according to their ability and for the welfare and development of their families, returned to the state in this crisis of Corona pandemic. With this objective, ‘Madhya Pradesh State Migrant Labourer Commission’ has been constituted. We will make their livelihood in the state so comfortable that they will not have to go outside the state to earn their livelihood.

In compliance to the announcement of the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, an order has been issued by the Department of Labour today for the formation of “Madhya Pradesh State Migrant Labourer Commission”. The tenure of the Commission will be of two years. An individual nominated by the state government will be the Chairman of the Commission.

Duties and objectives of the commission have been determined by the state government. The Commission is required to present necessary recommendations in order to strengthen socio-economic status of the migrant labourers of the state. The Commission will present its suggestions and recommendations to the state government after obtaining necessary advices from members of commission besides other individuals, organizations, departments, boards etc. This includes welfare of migrant labourers, creation of employment opportunities and skill development of migrant labourers and their families as well as effective implementation of existing laws for protection of their interest. Along with this, the commission will also be able to give recommendations as regard to providing benefits of existing social security and welfare schemes to the migrant labourers and their families and any other recommendation in the interest of the migrant labourers.

The Commission will have two members nominated by the state government. In the order issued by the Department of Labour, it has been stated that whole Madhya Pradesh will come under the jurisdiction of the Commission. Under this, those labourers will be covered, who are domicile of Madhya Pradesh and were working in other states as labourers and have returned to Madhya Pradesh on March 01, 2020 or later. These labourers will be benefitted under the various schemes of the state government and under the Acts of the State or Centre.