Madhya Pradesh :Free election symbols prescribed for mayors and corporators by the State Election Commission for the urban body elections

New Delhi :Unreserved (free) election symbols have been fixed by the State Election Commission for the urban body elections. These free election symbols will be in addition to the symbols reserved for political parties recognised by the Election Commission of India.

Free election symbols prescribed for mayor

Tap, table fan, balloon, slate, electric switch, glass tumbler, radio, tubelight on pole, stool, gas wick, road roller, bus, whistle, pressure cooker, batsman, pitcher (matka), cart, battery torch, sunflower, wheat ear, vegetable basket, necklace, ring, bench, gas cylinder, peepal leaf, harmonium, hand grinder, bread toast, table, briefcase, gas stove, door, brush, bat, violin and roller (belan).

Free election symbols prescribed for corporators of urban bodies

Cake, camera, carrot, coat, tent, cot, sewing machine, boat, scooter, jeep, black board, telephone, television, cup and plate, banyan tree, letter box, almirah, hockey and ball, diesel pump, two swords and a shield, palanquin, coconut tree with fruits, scissors, bucket, shirt, frock, kettle, lady purse, siren, apple and press.

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