Madhya Pradesh CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan Talks with Farmers Open heartedly


Bhopal : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that Mukhya Mantri Bhavantar Bhugtan Yojana, Custom Processing scheme and Farmers Entrepreneurship scheme for the children of farmers will be implemented. He also informed about Samadhan Yojana started for defaulter farmers and Mukhya mantra Solar Pump scheme. Shri Chouhan further mentioned that all the undisputed mutation, partition and demarcation cases will be redressed within next three months. After this any person who provides information about more than three months old cases will be rewarded and punitive action will be taken against the concerned revenue officer. Shri Chouhan was speaking to the farmers directly through programme ‘Dil Se’ broadcasted by Akashwani today.

CM Shri Chouhan informed that Bhavantar Yojana will ensure profitable value to the farmers for their produces. Under the scheme, the entire date will be compiled through Fasal Girdawari Mobile App. This will help in finding about the particular crop sown by the farmer besides area and arrangements will be made to deposit the difference amount of support price and selling price directly in farmers’ bank accounts by calculating average production. Informing about Revenue Cases monitoring System to avoid delay in mutation, partition and demarcation cases, Shri Chouhan informed that all the undisputed revenue cases will be redressed within next 3 months. He said that after this, any person who provides information about more than three months old cases will be given cash reward and the reward amount will be recovered from the guilty officer/employee. Moreover Shri Chouhan informed that such an arrangement will be made soon for providing Khasra copy free of charge to the farmers every year. He stated that custom processing scheme will be introduced shortly and 40 percent subsidy will be provided to youth to establish center worth Rs. 25 lakh. In these centers, farmers can get their produces cleaned, graded, packed and valued. Krishak Udhyami Yojana is being started shortly for the children of farmers, under which loan from Rs. 10 lakh to 2 crore for self employment will be given to them at government’s guarantee. Also arrangements have been made for 15 percent subsidy and interest subsidy of 5 percent for 5 years under the scheme.

Shri Chouhan informed that a roadmap has already been prepared to achieve the target of Prime Minister to double the farmers’ income, which is being shared with the farmers of every district. Under this, attention has been paid mainly on 5 points like reduction in agriculture cost, increase in production and productivity, agriculture diversification, profitable value of production and risk beside arrangement for better relief in natural calamities. He mentioned that doubling the income is not a fantasy.

Shri Praksh Jawale, a resident of village Haiderpur of Burhanpur has increased production of soybean from 5 quintals to 7 quintal from one acre using correct method, micro nutrients etc. Using drip irrigation and SSI method in sugarcane crop, he has increased production to 53 tonne from 40 tonne. He has earned a profit of Rs. One lakh per acre in place of Rs. 62 thousand by adopting this model. Similarly, Shri Chouhan informed about 6 folds increase in income over cost by Shri Madhusudan Tonpe of village Tigaon- Pandurna district Chhindwara, Shri Harilal Jaiswal of village Upni of Sidhi district from high-tech production of vegetables, Shri Harish Patidar of village Makdon district Ujjain from organic farming of betel leaf through poly house, Shri Badrilal Dhakad of village Nalkheda of Agar district from production of 600 quintal oranges in one hectare land. He also informed about governmnet’s efforts to make agriculture a profitable occupation. Moreover , Shri Chouhan informed that custom hiring centers have been established to provide agriculture equipments on hire at low rates and linking of youths with the centers. He mentioned that soil testing arrangements are being made in all the blocks so that farmers should not travel far to get the soil tested. CM Shri Chouhan said that loan at minus 10 percent for fertliser and seeds is provided to the farmers under Mukhya Mantri Krishak Sahkari Rin Sahayta Yojana. Proper arrangements have been made for the farmers to eliminate money lenders’ force for

recovery. Also initiative has been taken to make amendments in law to prevent money lenders to impose interest more than the principal amount. The amended proposal will be sent to the President for approval.

Shri Chouhan advised the farmers to for sowing according to the seeds rate on scientific basis, Arhar by Dharwar method and soybean crop by Rij-Faro method and alternative crops which provides security at the time of natural calamities. He also encouraged the farmers to generate additional income by auxiliary business beside agriculture. Informing about Acharya Vidhya Sagar Gou Samvardhan Yojana, he said that there is an arrangement of Rs. 2.50 lakh subsidy for unit up to Rs. 10 lakh. Mentioning about fall in onion prices inpast, Shri Chouhan mentioned that a scheme has been prepared for onion storage under which 50 percent subsidy i.e. Rs, One lakh 75 thousand is given to the farmer for constructing 50 metric tonne capacity warehouses to enable farmers to get reasonable prices in future. He told the farmers to pay special attention towards encouragement to mulching to control weeding, plastic lining scheme for farm pond, solar drier yojana and integrated insect management. Mentioning about the commitment for reasonable rates for milk to milk producers, Shri Chouhan informed that One lakh kilo milk is being collected through 3 thousand milk collection centers per day. The state is at 4th position producing 14 million tonne milk.

On the various incidents in which farmers had to face problems, the Chief Minister said that the government has always been in their support. Mentioning the fall in rates of pulses crops and onions prevalent in the mandi in the last few days he said due to te efforts of the government, farmers were able to earn an income of nearly Rs one thousand crore. Giving information about the security cover provided to farmers against natural calamities by the government, he said under the Mukhya Mantri Krishak Jivan Kalyan Yojana, relief of Rs 4 lakh on death, Rs one lakh on permanent handicap and Rs 50,000 on temporary handicap was provided besides Rs 26,000 per hectare relief on loss of more than 50 per cent irrigated crop loss. He informed that in case of calamity, the loan recovery is stopped. The interest on loan is borne by the government, Despite pendency, loan is given the next year. Expressing his gratitude to Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi for implementing of Prime Mnister’s Crop Insurance Scheme, he said that 50 lakh farmers of the state have been linked to the scheme. He said that in the year the country’s biggest crop insurance claim payment was made in the state. Payment of claims of Rs 1, 880 crores of crop insurance scheme of Kharif 2016 will be made in the month of August. Giving details about the approved and under construction irrigation schemes, the Chief Minister said that by the year 2025, 60 lakh hectare are will be irrigated. He also mentioned about the commitment to provide irrigation facility in 6,50,000 hectare area in Malwa through Narmada water. He said that efforts are being made to include Ken-Betwa in 4,47,000 hectare irrigated area. Reiterating the resolve to implement the principle of Drop more Crop of Prime Minister Shri Modi, he said that arrangement has been made to make water available for irrigation through pressure in 12 lakh hectare area of 44 projects.

Congratulating farmers for farming for farming of horticulture crops like Drip Irrigation, he said that in this system 40-60 per cent water use is curtailed. Production rises from 10-30 per cent. The Chief Minister gave information about Mukhya Mantri Sthayi Krishi Pump Connection Scheme to transform irregular connection with temporary connections to permanent pump connections in which 5 lakh agricultural pumps on flat rate. He also told about the bill fixation system according the actual capacity over power meter reading. He said that Rs 31 thousand cost is incurred on 5 horse power electrical pump every year in which farmers have to give only Rs 7,000. He said that the Mukhya Mantri Solar Pump Yojana will be implemented in the areas where power infrastructure has not been developed in which 3 hp solar pump costing about Rs 3 lakh 41 thousand will be made available for Rs 34 thousand whereas 5 hp pump worth Rs 4 lakh 68 thousand will be made available in Rs 68 thousand.

On the commitment of providing beneficial price to farmers, the Chief Minister said that the Price Stabilisation Index has been set up at a cost of Rs 1,000 which will interfere in the market and fetch fair price for farmers for their products. Also a Agriculture Product Cost and Marketing Commission has been formed that will intervene if price of crops fall. Similarly farmers were encouraged for interim storage under the Fertiliser Interim Storage Scheme. In this process the farmers will not have to pay interest. The Chief Minister informed about implementing the Samadhan Yojana to make loan available on zero per cent to defaulter farmers and to arrange both single instalment and separate loans for Rabi and Kharif crops. He said kisan bazaar will be formed in all urban bodies so that farmers can sell their crops directly to the consumers.

During discussion with farmers the Chief Minister said that agriculture is the basis of the state’s economy and good farming strengthens the economy of the state. When the farmer gets money he goes to the market following which the trader is able to do business. The shop gets its goods from the factory. When the factory sells products, capital is generated and new employment opportunities are generate. Therefore, when the crop fails, the entire economy comes to a standstill. Thus farming is the government’s topmost priority. Talking about the situation of rain, he assured farmers that the government had prepared itself to tackle any kind of natural calamity.

He said that due to the efforts of the farmers, the state was leading in the field of agriculture following which the state was receiving the Krishi Karman Award for the last five consecutive years. The Agriculture Growth Rate of the state in the last five years has been 20 per cent. The state is leading in production of Pulses, Oilseeds, chana, Masoor, soyabean, guava, tomato and garlic production. Similarly it is on the second position in the production of wheat, tuar, sarson, amla, orange, peas and coriander. In just one decade, the state’s agriculture production has more than doubled.

During a conversation with farmers on the occasion of Balram Jayanti, the Chief Minister spoke at length with the farmers on government schemes, advanced farming, works being undertaken to make it more beneficial, government efforts in this direction and the outcome. He assured the farmers the government is committed to ensure that the families of the farmers live peacefully. It was committed to keep farmers free from any troubles. He appealed to the farmers that they must take full benefit of government schemes. He urged the Agriculture Department, research institutes, educational institutes etc. to work in unison.