Madhya Pradesh CM releases book Facility Based Pediatric Care During Covid-19

Bhopal: Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chauhan released the Health Department’s book ‘Faculty Based Pediatric Care During Covid-19’, based on the standards related to symptoms and treatment of Covid-19 in children. The Chief Minister said that this book will prove useful in the prevention and treatment of children from corona infection. Dr. Veena Sinha, Additional Director of Health Department said that the book will help the doctors to get standard guidelines for the treatment of Covid in children. In this book, standard guidelines related to treatment have been prepared on the basis of symptoms when children are infected. Which will prove useful for the proper treatment of children on the basis of symptoms, fewer symptoms, and more acute symptoms.

The book contains accessible and references documents by which proper treatment based on symptoms, signs to be monitored during home isolation, management of confirmed Covid in malnourished children, management of neonatal disease borne by a mother with corona infection detailed information about it is given.