Madhya Pradesh CM gets on the call with the Heads of the Society engaged in the Mega Vaccination Campaign-II

Bhopal: In order to eliminate corona infection and protect the people of the state from infection, Vaccination MAHA-ABHIYAAN – II will be run in Madhya Pradesh on August 25 and 26. On the call of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan for the preparations for the campaign , the heads of various societies have also appealed for vaccination through various means of communication, ensuring their participation.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s constantly watching on the preparations and arrangements for the MAHA-ABHIYAAN

Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan has taken the command of preparations and arrangements for Vaccination MAHA-ABHIYAAAN-II in his own hands. Since last week, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan is not only looking after the preparations for the MAHA-ABHIYAAAN, but is also in constant touch with the administrative and health staff of different sections and 52 districts for public awareness in the state. Chief Minister Shri Chouhan went to New Delhi on Monday to ensure that additional arrangements for vaccine doses were not reduced for the Mega vaccination campaign.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan’s interaction with all Renowned Social Dignitaries

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has also given a virtual dialogue with the members of the Crisis Management Groups at the District, Block, Gram Panchayat, Ward and Village level to get more and more people vaccinated in the campaign. He said that with the concerted efforts of all, we have to provide security cover to every citizen of the State from corona.

On the request of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, prominent people of various societies have appealed to make Vaccination Maha Abhiyan-2 a success. President Sindhi Panchayat Sant Hirdaram Nagar Shri Sabu Rijhwani, Career Counselor and eminent educationist Smt. Kala Mohan, President Sindhi Central Panchayat, Bhopal Shri Narayan Khemchandani and theater artist and Cine star Shri Omprakash Asudani issued a video appeal to the society brothers and all citizens to get the vaccine as per eligibility. First and second doses have been requested. Everyone has given a message in their appeal that if you love your family, city, district, state and country, then you must get both doses of the vaccine and inspire your friends and acquaintances to as well to get the Vaccine.

Padmashree Mrs. Janak Palta

Janak Palta, a social worker and Padmashree from Indore said that we have seen the terror of Corona. To provide life protection to the common man from this epidemic, it is necessary to get vaccinated. So all citizens must get vaccinated.

Shree MeerRanjan Negi – International Hockey Player

International hockey player Mr. MeerRanjan Negi has said that get vaccinated and also protect your life and that of others.

Shri Sushil Doshi – Cricket Commentator

Shri Sushil Doshi Hindi commentator of international cricket, appealed to the general public to get the vaccination done to save themselves and the society from Corona.

Ms. Ragini Makkar – Renowned Dancer

Renowned dancer Ms. Ragini Makkar in her appeal has said that vaccination is the only way to prevent the deadly disease. It should be the effort of all citizens to discharge their moral responsibility by getting both the doses of the vaccine.

Pt. Ashok Bhatt Maharaj

Pandit Ashok Bhatt Maharaj, the head priest of Khajrana Ganesh Temple in Indore has said that human life is priceless. This life is given by God. It is our duty to protect this life. Therefore, while fulfilling your duty, all people must get vaccinated.

Mr. Bishop Chako

Shri Bishop Chacko of Christian community Indore has said that both the doses of the vaccine will work as nectar in saving human life by defeating corona infection. The need of the hour is to accept the vaccine with full confidence and awareness.

Shahar Qazi Indore Dr. Ishrat Ali

City Qazi Indore Dr. Ishrat Ali has said in his appeal that vaccination is very important to end the corona Pendamic. He has called upon every person in the society to get vaccinated.

Shri Rinku Bhatia of Guru Singh Sabha Indore

Shri Rinku Bhatia of Guru Singh Sabha Indore said in his appeal that Corona has affected the whole world along with India. The central and state governments have worked tirelessly to control the corona infection. Now it is the turn of the people of the state, we all together have to achieve the target of 100% vaccination in the Vaccination MAHA-ABHIYAAN-II being run by the state government.

Veteran Gynecologist Dr. Vijaysen Yashlaha

Veteran gynecologist Dr. Vijaysen Yashlaha of Indore has urged especially pregnant women and lactating mothers to get vaccinated. The vaccine is completely safe. Do not panic, reach the vaccination centers and do get vaccinated. By getting vaccinated, she can protect herself as well as her future as a child.

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