Madhya Pradesh CM Chouhan gives Rs 2981.24 crore of crop insurance to 15 lakh farmers online

Bhopal : Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan today transferred Rs. 2,981.24 crore of crop insurance claim amount online in the bank accounts of 15 lakh farmers of the state from Mantralaya. This is the biggest assistance given to farmers in this hour of Corona crisis. Public Health and Family Welfare Minister Shri Narottam Mishra, Farmer Welfare and Agriculture Development Minister Shri Kamal Patel, Water Resources Minister Shri Tulsi Silavat, Tribal Welfare Minister Sushri Meena Singh Additional Chief Secretary Shri K.K. Singh and Principal Secretary Agriculture Shri Ajit Kesri were present on the occasion.

Premium amount of Rs 22 hundred crores deposited by government

Through video conferencing, Chief Minister Shri Chouhan told the farmers that the farmers had deposited the premium of crop insurance amount for Kharif 2018 and Rabi 2018-19, but the former government had not deposited the state’s share, due to which the farmers had been deprived of benefits of crop insurance. Shri Chouhan said that our government had deposited a premium of Rs 22 hundred crores of the state’s share as soon as we came to power. Due to this reason, 15 lakh farmers of the state are getting crop insurance amount today.

Loan to farmers at zero percent interest

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan said that we have started giving crop loans at zero percent interest for the benefit of farmers. Also, the repayment date of the old loan has been extended till 31 May. For this, the government has deposited an amount of Rs 38 crore.

Payment of Procurement amount of Rs two thousand crores

The Chief Minister has said that the work of procurement of wheat in the state is going on at a rapid pace. So far, out of 20 lakh farmers registered for procurement in the state, 5 lakh 65 thousand farmers have sold 28 lakh metric tonnes of wheat on support price. On a single day yesterday, maximum 58 thousand farmers sold a record 3 lakh 18 thousand metric tonnes of wheat at procurement centers in the state. About Rs two thousand crores has also been paid to the farmers. Purchase of gram, lentil and mustard has also been started in the state.

Payment of Kharif 2018 and Rabi 2018-19 amount

The Chief Minister informed that under the scheme 8 lakh 40 thousand farmers have been paid crop insurance claim amount of Rs 1921.24 crore for Kharif 2018 and Rs 1060 crore to 6 lakh 60 thousand farmers for Rabi 2018-19.

Payment received timely

Farmer Prabhat Singh of Sehore district told the Chief Minister that he was very upset during this period of Corona crisis. Insurance money has been received at the right time. Crop insurance of about Rs 2 lakhs has been received by both him and his wife. For this, he thanked the Chief Minister.

Arrangement of purchase is much better

Shri Than Singh Yadav, farmer of Vidisha district, told the Chief Minister that he has received Rs 50 thousand as crop insurance claim amount. Apart from this, he has also received procurement amount. This time the procurement system is a million times better than the earlier procurement system. All the farmers are happy. Bhaiya Lal Dubey said that he has received Rs 61 thousand of crop insurance.

Big help in times of trouble

Farmer of Hoshangabad district Shri Ashok Verma said that crop insurance money is a big help in times of trouble. He has received Rs 97 thousand.

Till now messages received were only about deductions

Farmer Ramshankar of Harda district told the Chief Minister that he is very happy on getting crop insurance money. He said, “Mama ji, you have given a huge gift to the farmers of the state. Till now, we received only the message of money deduction on our mobile. Now the message of receiving money has come. We are very happy.”

Received both crop insurance and procurement amount

Shri Rakesh Kumar Dubey, farmer of Sagar district, told the Chief Minister that he has received Rs 2 lakh 88 thousand as soybean crop insurance. He has also received Rs one lakh 80 thousand for wheat sold by his mother on support price. This is a great help in this hour of crisis.

Divyanshu Chaturvedi receives Rs 2.50 lakh

Shri Divyanshu Chaturvedi of Rewa district said that he has received a sum of Rs. 1,23,000 of crop insurance. An equal amount has also come into his wife’s account. Thus, they have received a total of about Rs 2.50 lakhs. Shri Dhul Singh Lodhi of Narsinghpur informed that he has received Rs 67,900 amount of crop insurance. Similarly, Rs 61,290 of crop insurance were deposited in Gomti Bai Lodhi’s account.

Many gifts to Agar district

Farmer of Agar-Malwa district, Shri Prahlad told the Chief Minister that he has received Rs 85 thousand for the insurance of soybean crop. He said that you have given many gifts to Agar district, due to which all of us in the district express our gratitude. Sundar Lal of Guna district told that he has also got Rs 84 thousand of crop insurance.

This is Crop Insurance Scheme

Prime Minister’s Crop Insurance Scheme has been implemented in Madhya Pradesh since 2016. The main objective of the scheme is to provide financial assistance to the farmers suffering from crop loss, damage due to unexpected events like natural calamities etc. and to ensure the income of the farmers, so that they can continue their agricultural work. Risks covered under the scheme include interrupted sowing-planting-germination, loss of standing crop from sowing to harvesting, post-harvest losses and local disasters are included.