Lockdown is in no way a solution to the #COVID19; #Lockdown is like a pause button: #RahulGandhi

New Delhi: Lockdown is in no way a solution to the #COVID19. Lockdown is like a pause button. When we come out of the lockdown, the virus is going to start its work again says Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.

I don’t want to get into what was done or not done. We now have to look forward to fighting this pandemic standing united. The lockdown hasn’t checked the virus permanently. It has just postponed it says Rahul Gandhi.

We have reached an emergency level now. Let’s not think about what has been done or not. We have to unite against this. Give resources to states, talk to chief ministers says Rahul Gandhi.

Now we’ve reached a level, where we are in an emergency situation. India must unite&fight against it. My main suggestion is that blunt instruments must not be used. We must work strategically. Lockdown has not resolved the problem, it has only postponed the problem says Rahul Gandhi.

Biggest weapon against #COVID19 is testing-testing at scale so you know where the virus is moving&you can isolate, target&fight it. Our testing rate is 199 out of a million, all tests that we’ve done in last 72 days, works out to approx average of 350 tests per dist says Rahul Gandhi.

India is the only country imposing a lockdown with the migrant population that we have. We have a huge migration problem. We are also quite a decentralised country. The response in Kerala is completely different from that in UP. You need to give more power to CMs says Rahul Gandhi.

There is going to be a massive financial backlash, you are going to see the first wave of unemployment and a massive pressure on our financial system says Rahul Gandhi.

My suggestion on farmers is to think about a safety net. We have our godowns full. Let us start giving that food out to the poor. Farmers deserve protection. We should create a package and hand it out to them says Rahul Gandhi.

Couple of mistakes were made while suddenly announcing lockdown. We have a lot of migrants. The central govt should create a policy on migrants. I have told CMs from our states to handle this issue with extreme care says Rahul Gandhi.

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