Living in Delhi: Discover the Most Popular Sex Toy Here

Discover the little secret that’s making big waves in Delhi.


When you think about Delhi, it’s unlikely that their burgeoning sex toy market comes to mind first thing. In a massive city that has much to offer, food, music, and culture are generally on the docket for common conversation, but Delhians have something “up their sleeve” so to speak, when it comes to boosting their bedroom prowess…

When asked to Adult Products India, one of Delhi´s hottest providers of sex toys, what the most popular sex toys in Delhi were, the response was overwhelming, if not a little surprising. Delhi houses a staggering 26 million plus people, imbued with all different ages, genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds. While many come to this noteworthy city for it’s business opportunities or catch a glimpse of any of the historic landmarks, locals are finding joy a little bit closer to home.

In a recent survey, conducted by Adult Products India, they found that condom sleeves where the cities favorite way to, ahem, make a big impression. Making a big splash among couples in the area, the sleeves are used to enhance a man’s member while serving to boost the experience of a lady as well. Condom sleeves are a great way to enhance experience without having to use creams, awkward devices, or any nutritional supplements. Because no one wants to explain why they have a stash of enhancement pills in their medicine cabinet. According to Delhi, these sleeves are the best way to increase performance without having to spend a load of money or come up with a creating hiding place for a clunky penis pump.

How They Work

Like most of the best sex toys in Delhi, condom sleeves are multi-use toys that don’t require any complicated upkeep. Simply washing with mild soap and water between uses is the best way to keep them going for as long as you do. The sleeves simply fit over the man, applied similar to that of a condom. Hence the name. Once applied, they add extra size and power to improve performance and appreciation.

The sleeves come in all different types and styles- from sexy spikes, to the mildly naughty natural look. As an added bonus, the sleeves fit snugly on just about every shape and size of man and can be used as regular contraception. With a wide variation in shapes, condom sleeve creates unique areas of friction and heightened sensation. You can even get sleeves that have soft “spikes” that line the inside of the sleeve to really ramp up the enjoyment of both partners.

They work by sliding over the male member and providing a barrier of protection, as well as a reservoir to catch those unwanted juices. They can even help prevent the spread of some STD’s all the while upping your intimate intensity. Keeping you active and healthy in the funniest way possible. Sexual health is nothing to be sniffed at either, according to new information from the online dating giant, Tinder. They found that India is Tinder’s top market in Asia and sees a wildly impressive 7.5 million daily swipes in the country. India also enjoys the most “messages per match”, so making sure your first impression is a big one is always a good idea.

What Makes Them So Popular

Despite their obvious abilities, condom sleeves are making a big impact because of all of the other great benefits they offer. Just about everyone knows that condoms are key for continued sexual health and pretty spectacular at preventing pregnancy, but because they have a tendency to reduce sensation for both partners, they can be awkward and annoying to employ. Sleeves get around this by having unique and fun shapes, colors, and even flavors- which is bound to spice up an otherwise boring sex life.

It’s no wonder Delhi is falling in love with these sensible sleeves. When sex becomes routine between couples who have been together for a long time, or when meeting up with someone for the first time, it’s always a good idea to put your best foot forward. Sleeves offer the unique experience of both protection and pleasure. Great for any couple who really wants an added boost in their bedroom booyah.

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