Lighthouse a premier production house of Odisha, is coming up with IGNITE Film Festival

Bhubaneswar: The ancient India was a golden era for our women. With passage of time, we have witnessed the female population of our nation undergoing several kinds of atrocities. Our society has been harsh on women thus leading to gender inequality and low status of women since decades. Continuation of such dreadful practices will lead the nation to destruction very soon. As responsible citizens of the nation, it’s high time that we take a strong stand on the matter and promote upliftment of the female masses. As filmmakers we belong to such a sensitive and responsive field where we do make an impact on society with our narratives and storytelling. Highlighting such prevailing topics as poverty, illiteracy through cinematic forms will promote the social campaigns and help sensitizing people towards the topics which are the need of the hour. We encourage those young filmmakers who want to make difference in the society with their talent and creativity. Such steps by the young generation will surely address to a larger section of the society.
With the similar thought of mind, Lighthouse a premier production house of Odisha, is coming up with IGNITE Film Festival. With a noble intention to promote and encourage young filmmakers, storytellers and creative individuals, the festival also aims at creating awareness by highlighting various social, political and humanist issues through the showcased films. IGNITE is a theme based film festival which will be held every year with a particular theme. Although all the submitted film needs to incorporate the theme, it also invites participants to submit their own independent films for judging their true creative potential irrespective of imposed theme and restriction. The judgment and finalist selection will be made on the basis of both the submitted films of a participant.
IGNITE 2018 is dedicated to the daughters of our society with the theme “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” (Save girl child, Educate a girl child). The last date for the submission of the films is 25th January, 2018. All the entries of the films will be accepted through emails. All the winners will be rewarded with cash prize of Rs. 50,000 to 10,000. The prize giving ceremony will be held on the second week of February which will be communicated to the winner through email and phone call.
The participants are requested to submit their films or communicate or send their queries to our email id [email protected] For further details of the festival one can visit our official Facebook page