Life is All About Living It to The Fullest, Say Senior Citizens of Odisha

Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 pandemic hit the human race with all its force. Let alone physical health hazards, people have been affected mentally across the globe. With months of lockdown and an uncertain present and future, it’s been chaotic, scary and pretty hard for people of all age groups to adjust to this New Normal.

Senior citizens have been the major casualties of COVID-19 ever since the virus reared its ugly head. Often dubbed economically useless, senior citizens have been the least prioritized. In addition, Lack of health insurance, inability to visit doctors for regular health check-ups and absence of help or caretakers has made things worse for them.

And yet, here they stand, more lively than ever, adapting to the new reality in their own ways. They inspire us to face the change with a smile on our face. They teach us to live our lives to the fullest. They sing the song of life from their hearts.

Moving away from the ageist stereotypes, Quantum Leap Studio decided to talk to Odisha’s senior citizens or the Goldies, as we call them, to find out what’s up! Turns out, a lot! That’s what our new video is about.

Check out the candid conversation we had with our lovely Goldies.