Life and Teachings of Pritam Das Maharaj are Like a Lamp spreading Light – MP Governor Shri Patel

New Delhi : Governor  Mangubhai Patel has said that the life and teachings of Swami Pritam Das Ji Maharaj are like a lamp which spreads light all around. We should develop a sense for life from his teachings and live life with the spirit of philanthropy and benevolence. Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel was addressing the birth anniversary programme of Pritam Das Ji Maharaj in Indore today.

Governor Shri Patel said that his association with Sindhi community has been there since childhood. Sant Shri Pritam Das Maharaj has also had relation with Navsari (ancestral town of Governor). Many of his followers live there. Governor Shri Patel said that the teachings, stories and discourses of saints are of great benefit. We should come home and tell the children the teachings heard and understood in the stories and discourses and make them cultured.

Member of Parliament Shri Shankar Lalwani said that the personality of Swami Pritam Das was miraculous. He always had a practical approach. He told that the road leading to Bhanwarkua was very narrow earlier. When there was talk of its expansion, some part of the temple was also to be broken in it. When he came to Swami Pritam Das, he set an example by gladly agreeing to demolish the front part of the temple. In the programme, Shri Prem Kumar and Shri Ramesh Hirani, who came from Navsari, threw light on the personality of Governor Shri Mangubhai Patel.

Governor Shri Patel offered prayers at the temple. Swami Pritam Das Maharaj welcomed the Governor with a blanket as per tradition. MLAs, public representatives besides office bearess of the Sindhi society and citizens were present.

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