Let’s help realise vision of Ambedkar for Dalits

Bhubaneswar: The Institute of Media Studies (IMS) on Thursday organised a seminar on ‘Ambedkar’s Vision on Dalits’ Emancipation’ here.
Speaking on the occasion, Dean of KISS University Dr Iswar Chandra Naik said a principal architect in drafting the Constitution, Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar had made significant efforts at giving political rights and social freedom to Dalits. However, till date, members of Schedule Castes (SC) continue to face caste biases. Ambedkar had a first-hand experience of untouchability in school, where he was segregated from caste Hindus, he said.
Academician (Ambedkarite) Dr Banamali Mantri even today, there are instances where Dalit children are made to sit separately for the mid-day meal. Also, in some places students belonging to caste Hindus refuse to eat the food cooked by the ‘lower caste’ people. Such caste biases in school will not only deprive these children of education but also fill their minds with pessimism about society at a tender age, he highlighted.
Course Coordinator of MSW Department of IMS Dr Gayatri Patnaik said Dr. Ambedkar is considered the messiah for his efforts to bring equal opportunity and social justice to the marginalised communities. Faculty Raghunath Mandal also spoke.


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