Legendary SRI ADHIKARI BROTHERS announces care for 1000 families in need amidst pandemic-induced lockdown

Mumbai: In response to an appeal made by the Prime Minister to the nation, SRI ADHIKARI BROTHERS have pledged to take care of 1000 families in need per month till the COVID19 pandemic is contained. To ensure seamless and swift action, they have associated with BAPS Swaminarayan Sanstha which is globally known for its social services to mankind.

Commenting on the announcement, MarkandAdhikari, said, “We are amidst a global crisis and there is no real clarity on how soon we will see normalcy. Our country is no exception to these unforeseen circumstances. Thus in line with the appeal made by our Honourable Prime Minister, we are doing our bit. In addition to providing external help, we are ensuring that our employees who are our pillars of growth remain unaffected. No pay cuts or lay-offs will be done despite impact on the economy.”

He further added, “Out of India’s total population of 1.39 billion, it is adjudged that 10% of Indians hold 80% of the country’s wealth. Today is the time for them to take responsibility and give the nation back in its time of need. If even 5% of them help 10 families each, imagine the mammoth help that the nation will receive. It may reduce the impact of the economic crisis drastically.”

In addition to financial help, Sri Adhikari Brothers also believes that those who are staying home for the larger good are doing a great service to the nation.

People are not just helping themselves, but the entire country by staying indoors. At such times, keeping the morale high and staying positive is important. Their most popular sitcom ‘ShrimaanShrimati’ is already on air and to further help ease the quarantine times, they have opened up their library to national broadcaster Doordarshan to help entertain “Bharat” during these trying times.