Leave Management Systems


Leave Management Systems are pretty similar to Attendance management systems with the only difference being that while attendance management systems record the attendance of the employees, leave management systems to record their absence from work.


Why are Leave Management Systems necessary?


In any organization with 3 or more employees, it is almost impossible to keep track of all the activities of employers such as their working hours, their leaves of absence, etc. without some system in place keeping track of leaves taken by employees increase too. In organizations with a sizeable employee count, it is extremely difficult to manually record all the data related to leaves taken by employees. So, there is a definite need for Leave Management Software System.


Such HR software (Click here to know more) solutions are especially important for various reasons. It helps in keeping track of employees and studying their behavior. By studying the behavior of employees, employers can find out a lot of details such as the interest or passion the employee has towards work, their discipline, etc. It also helps management identify the most passionate and efficient of workers so that they can reward them accordingly to motivate them further.


What does a leave management software do?


A leave management system performs various different functions.

  • It provides a platform for employees to apply for leaves, late permissions, etc. and at the same time records all such requests.
  • The employee is then given an automated response either sanctioning the leave or rejecting the application.
  • Both sanctioned and rejected applications are recorded for future reference.
  • It also records other information such as the number leaves taken; number leaves that can be further taken etc.
  • It displays all such information in the form of a report either in Excel or PDF format.
  • Reports are made available to both HR personnel and employees with the help of cloud technology.
  • It syncs with the payroll system and online attendance system so that details such as the change in wage and attendance percentage are updated in real time in those databases as well.

Benefits of Leave Management Systems


There are a lot of benefits in implementing a leave management system. Some of them are as follows:


Cost Reduction – A leave taken by an employee is equal to the loss of one day of work that was to be done by the employee. If an employee keeps on constantly taking leave, and the management fails to notice it, it would result in significant loss of a resource for the company. Leave Management Systems help to prevent such situations by alerting the HR Management about those employees who constantly take leaves.


Reduces the burden of work on HR Personnel – Most of the processes to be done related to an employee taking leave is trivial of nature and adds little or no value to the company. Hence, it is best to leave such work to software rather than wasting manual work.

Helps in Appraisal of Employees – Leave Management Systems helps differentiate dedicated and hardworking employees from those who are a bit more lethargic. The more leave an employee takes, the less dedicated he is, and vice versa.