Kotak Mahindra Bank and Mumbai Police Cyber Crime Join Hands to Spread Awareness on #SafeBanking Habits

Mumbai: With October being observed as National Cyber Security Awareness Month, Kotak Mahindra Bank (KMBL) and Mumbai Police Cyber Crime have joined hands to raise awareness about safe banking habits and to safeguard the public at large from falling victim to cybercrime. The Mumbai Police and Kotak have released two videos in public interest on the #SafeBanking initiative. The films caution people to be alert and observe some basic precautions for a secure banking experience.

The storyline of these films covers some of the often used cybercrime methods perpetrated by fraudsters, such as asking for sensitive card or bank account details under a false pretext or sending text messages or emails enticing the recipient to click on a suspicious or unauthorised link, and urges people to beware of such calls or messages and exercise caution. Further, to overcome the hesitancy of people in reporting such a crime and remaining a silent victim, the

film encourages people to call the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime on the helpline number 100 to raise a complaint or report any suspicious activity.


Milind Bharambe, Joint Commissioner, Mumbai Police said, “The Mumbai Cyber Police has been consistently analysing cybercrimes that are taking place and we have noticed that cyber criminals are coming up with new ways to cheat victims. These criminals send suspicious links via a message or email that require recipients to click on them. These links lead the victim to phishing sites. Sometimes, fraudsters call asking for OTP or other personal details such as the CVV number of one’s credit card. We must be very careful and not share any such confidential information with anyone. We also want to urge citizens that if someone does become the victim of a cybercrime, then please call on the helpline number 100 without delay.”


Puneet Kapoor, President – Products, Alternate Channels and Customer Experience Delivery, Kotak Mahindra Bank said, “Cyber criminals or fraudsters target unsuspecting people by creating panic – your debit card has been blocked or your account has been suspended – or by tempting one with an offer – the promise of a job or converting credit card reward points to cash etc. Through our #SafeBanking initiative with the Mumbai Police Cyber Crime, we urge customers to be extra vigilant & cautious and simply think twice before sharing any information or clicking on a link. Banks do not ask for such information or send such messages and by following some simple rules, we can safeguard our confidential financial information and enjoy a safe & secure banking experience.”

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