Konark Festival’s day two looks east


Konark : Day two at the Konark Festival 2020 witnessed a beautiful set of performances by in the most outstanding classical dance native to Northeast India by a troupe from Kolkata’s Manipuri Nartanalaya led by renowned choreographer Smt. Bimbavati Devi.
Manipuri is associated with rituals and traditional festivals, there are legendary references to the dances of Shiva and Parvati and other gods and goddesses who created the universe. It incorporates both the tandava and lasya and ranges from the most vigorous masculine to the subdued and graceful feminine. Generally known for its lyrical and graceful movements, Manipuri dance has an elusive quality.
The second set of performances in Odissi was by a troupe of Sanjali Ensemble from Bengaluru, led by exponent Smt. Sharmila Mukherjee.
Both the audience and participants lauded the facilities and detailed COVID-19 safety protocols put in place by Odisha Tourism.
During the day, sand artists at Chandrabhaga Beach worked through sculptures of the golden sand on themes of sealife, ethnic culture and COVID awareness.
The popular beach spot now has OTDC serving delicious quick bites and refreshing beverages at the Chandrabhaga Beach Café.
On day three of the festival, a performance by veteran Kuchipudi choreographer Smt. Vasanthalakshmi Narasimhachari with her troupe of Kalasamparna Foundation, Chennai will follow the Odissi performance by Smt. Madhulita Mohapatra and her troupe of Nrityantar, Bengaluru.