KISS Foundation Extends Helping Hand to Rashmi’s Family

Bhubaneswar: KISS Foundation has extended helping hand to the family of Late Rashmiranjan Suna, Ph.D. scholar of Hyderabad Central University who died from dengue last November. Rashmiranjan, who belonged to Kalahandi district of Odisha, was pursuing research in Physics under Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship.

After his death, Odia Community in Hyderabad had requested Dr. Achyuta Samanta, Founder, KIIT, KISS & KISS Foundation for extending helping hand to his family. Dr. Samanta had promised to help the deceased family. He had also assured to give employment to Rashmi’s sister Padmabati in KISS-Kalahandi. Rashmi’s maternal uncle and his sister Padmabati met Dr. Samanta in KISS on 10th December. Dr. Samanta handed over a cheque of Rs. 50000 to Padmabati along with her appointment letter in KISS-Kalahandi.

The Odia community living in Hyderabad thanked Dr. Samanta and KISS Foundation for this gesture. Expressing gratitude to Dr. Samanta, Rashmi’s uncle and sister Padmabati said that Dr. Samanta has saved their family by extending this help. Rashmi hailed from a very poor family of Banjhipadar Saplahara under Kalaramunda block of Kalahandi district. Rashmi’s father is a daily wages labourer. Rashmi was the only hope of his family.


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