KiiT International School organizes a mental wellness session for its students, teachers and parents

Bhubaneswar: The brutal pandemic has entered its second year of wreaking havoc in our lives. Although India has successfully set a record of administering 100 crore vaccine doses, the battle is far from over. New cases are adding to the numbers every day and with the festive season in full swing, some states are witnessing a sudden spike. This gruesome time has not only affected each of us physically but has also had tremendous impact on our mental health and wellness. Following the footsteps of their founder, the revered Dr Achyuta Samanta who has been a champion for mental wellness, KiiT International School recently organized a session on Mental Wellness for its students, their parents and the teachers and staff of the institution. The session was conducted by Mr. Ameen Haque, renowned story coach, innovation consultant and diversity champion & the founder of Storywallahs, a company that helps leaders and organizations leverage the power of stories.
Speaking on the unique initiative, Dr Mona Lisa Bal, Chairperson, KiiT International School said, “We are still reeling under the compulsive pandemic where India is presently witnessing a rapid surge in the number of COVID-19 cases. Although the nationwide lockdown has been able to decelerate the spread, the country’s ever-increasing population, remarkably high population density and poor socio-economic conditions are major barriers in India’s battle against COVID-19. However, the overall low case-fatality rate is reassuring. The Government of India and the health care providers have been relentless in their efforts. However, it is a time of crisis that is generating stress throughout the population. It is eminent to support mental and psychosocial well-being in different target groups during these difficult times. Hence, we took this initiative to support our KiiT International School family to help them during these trying times. Mental wellbeing is equally important as physical wellbeing, and this cannot be stressed enough. Each of us must try and care for the mental health of ourselves and those around us.”
The objective of the session was underpinned with the ideas, such as, Coping with fear, stress & worry, Being well educated about the current situation, Prioritizing Mental Wellness, Myth busting & stress busting during these testing times and Redefining existence with laughing minds. Unlike other meets, the aim of this session was to motivate the teachers, parents, students to foresee a positive & strengthened future. Mr Ameen Haque used the power of storytelling to highlight on how everyone can adapt to the new normal, how the pandemic has changed the classroom, the coping strategies that can be used to tide over the difficult times and how to instil hope, optimism and positivity.
Mr. Ameen Haque, renowned story coach, innovation consultant and diversity champion & the founder of Storywallahs, added, “Storytelling can be a helpful and effective tool for mental wellness. It lets children experience real-life scenarios in the safe environment of a story and find ways out without any risks. Stories show the child what kind of situations they might land in and point them in the right direction. Also, stories teach children about good and bad, and help them to develop good qualities and helps them to mature. Sharing similar experiences lets us know that we are not going through it alone and we are all in this together. I am glad to be a part of this wonderful initiative by KiiT International School and hope that this session helps every participant for the better.”
The Storytelling method of teaching has been adapted by KiiT International School to enhance learning for their students. This initiative will ensure the students learn through the most efficient and newest teaching techniques. The institute is constantly setting new standards with its innovative pedagogy, attention to education for all, exposing their students towards various aspects so that they can create a difference not only in their lives but also in the society they live and contribute towards the progress of the country.

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