Kalinga Literary Festival, the largest free monsoon festival, will pay tribute to Mahatma Gandhi through contemporary reflections on his ideas


The Kalinga Literary Festival set to trigger global and national discussions on Mahatma Gandhi’s work and ideas through the variety of forms of literature; lived experience, politics, art, film, business, media and sports.

The Highlights:

1. Central Theme: “Gandhi’s Idea of India: Truth, Harmony, Non-Violence”

2. More than 200 Speakers, poets, musicians, artists and performers to join

3. Innovative sessions on radio, poetry recitation, short story, lyrics and cinema

4. Kalinga Art Festival to showcase works of 60 artists from Odisha and India

5. Four prestigious awards will be conferred

6. More than 30 national and international books/publications to be released

Bhubaneswar/Delhi: The Kalinga Literary Festival is back with its 6th edition to invigorate, educate, provoke and entertain as well. Around 250 celebrities from the worlds of literature, cinema, media and politics will assemble in the temple city of Odisha to deliberate on the theme of “Gandhi’s Idea of India: Truth, Harmony, Non-Violence”, at the Kalinga Literature Festival in Bhubaneswar, from 19th -21st July, 2019.

KLF is well known for its socially relevant themes and in a way compels all ‘creative’ people to think and articulate ‘the contemporary’. Like its past editions the KLF this year also has a hard-hitting theme for writers, poets and artists to ponder on. The central theme focuses on Gandhian Ideology. Several sessions on different themes will connect to the central theme on Gandhi’s Idea of India.

The three-day festival will cover several dimensions of the interconnections between Literature, Gandhian Ideology, truth, harmony and non-violence. The key sessions will be on topics such cultural nationalism, Gandhigiri, Generation Y, Odisha , Media, Market, Children, Women, Transgender, Kamasutra, Citizen Engagement, Cinema, Sports, Ethics, Discrimination, Revolutions, Peace building, Conflict Resolution and Harmony. Apart from this, more than 20 new books and monographs will be released during the three-day festival. The delegates and speakers of KLF will have a unique opportunity to participate in Ekamra Heritage Walk and participate in plantation and seed ball making. In order to expand the opportunity for the delegates KLF team has partnered with local cycle clubs to provide cycles for speakers to roam around the smart city and experience the blend of ancient heritage and modern urban planning.

Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) has emerged as one of the leading literary platforms in India and number one in the Eastern part of India, attracting both experienced and young litterateurs. Bigger than ever before, the fourth edition of the festival will bring nationally and internationally acclaimed names on one platform to discuss, debate and explore commonalities in the diverse voices in literature, peace and harmony. There will be several One to One sessions with leading experts on the subjects. There will be a Story telling sessions promise to add new flavor to the literary spirit of the festival.

A dedicated platform, Kalinga Art Festival provides a unique platform for artists to showcase their talent and connect their art to the central theme of the festival.

Writers, poets, speakers and performers including in Alphabetical order: Anirban Ganguly, Anand Neelakantan, Anshuman Tiwari, Ashvin Kumar, Anu Chaudhary, Anubhav Sinha, Ahmad Afsar, Anuradha Beniwal, Anamika, Ashok Maheshwari, Arun Ram, Ashutosh Parida , Bipin Bihari Mishra, Bhaavna Arora, Bhawana Somaaya, Bhavani B Iyer, Bhabani Mohanty, Christopher C. Doyle, Chirashri Indra Singh , Dash Benur, Debasis Samantray, Gaurav Solanki, Jayanta Mohapatra, Jatin Nayak, Kedar Mishra, Itishree Nayak, Milee Aishwarya, Meera Rizvi , Mamta Singh , Mayank Sekhar , Namita Gokhale , Nalini Mehta, Nambi Narayanan, Navin Chowdhary , Navin Bishwabandhu , Nishtha Satyam, Nilima Sinha, Nitishwar Kumar, Neeta Gupta, Nikhil Naz , Pavan K. Verma, Priya Somaiya, Pushpesh Pant, Paramita Satapathy, Poonam Saxena, Purushottam Agrawal, Prabhat Ranjan , Prateek Patnaik, Ria Sharma, RJ Sayema, Rashmi Bansal , Radheshyam Jadhav, Ramendra Kumar, Ranjan Mallick, Rohit Supkar, Rajendra Prasad Gupta, Rakhshanda Jalil, Richa Lakhera, Ravi Singh , Raja Sekhar Vundru, Rajendra Panda, Rucchita Kazaria, Radhakrishnan Pillai, Richa Lakhera, Rabi Mishra, Sathya Saran, Sonia Singh, Santrupta Mishra, Syed Shadab Hussain, Saira Shah Halim ,Satyarth Nayak, Shantanu Raychaudhuri, Satyanand Nirupam, Sayema, Shiv Singh, Shubha Vilas, Sudipti , Swanad Kirkire, Tamal Bandopadhya, T N Hari, Yashwant Sinha, Yunus Khan , Vineet Kumar, Vivaan Shah, others will tell the story(ies) of life, society and the world and will also provide a future perspective on the topics of discussion.

This largest free ‘summer past-monsoon start’ literary festival of the world is going to direct the discussions on Gandhiji’s ideas of and intends to reflect and contribute to the Ds in democracy; debate, diversity, dissent, deliberation, and decision making.

Four prestigious awards in literature will be conferred in the following categories

i. Kalinga Literary Award (for a distinguished writer in Odia),

ii. Kalinga International Literary Award (for a writer in any global language),

iii. Kalinga Karubaki Literary Award (for women writers) and

iv. Kalinga Literary Youth Award (for a young writer in any global language)

Mr. Rashmi Ranjan Parida, the founder director of KLF believes that this year the world is celebrating 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. It is only fitting to pay tribute to him, his ideas and reflect upon them in contemporary times. KLF 2019 will pay literary and creative tribute to the immortal spirit of GandhiJi.

Kalinga Art Festival, an exclusive art segment has been designed to showcase best of the creations of contemporary artists. In its third year the Art Festival attracts young male and female artists from Bhubaneswar, Odisha and from the national capital.

There will be cultural program to showcase Odisha’s art, culture and literature on each day of the three-day program. Among others story telling session ‘Dastan-E-Mantoiyat’ by Syed Shadab Hussain & Meera Rizvi, Screening of Oscar-nominated director, Ashvin Kumar’s NO FATHERS IN KASHMIR will be the star attraction.


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