Kalinga Gourav Trust announced to launch “Golden Hour” drive to Raise Awareness about Life-Saving Measures during Accidents

Bhubaneswar : Kalinga Gourav trust, a socio-cultural organization committed to making a difference in the community, has announced a drive called ” Golden Hour ” which will be launched on April 9, 2023, at the Utkal Mandap in Bhubaneswar. The drive aims to raise public awareness about the importance of taking life-saving measures during accidents, particularly within the first hour of the incident.”

In the announcement programme many dignitaries like Mr Sidhanta Mohapatra brand ambassador of Kalinga Gourav Trust, Mrs Amita Singh brand ambassador of Kalinga Gourav trust, Mr K Tamanna, President Kalinga Gaurav Trust, Dr Chidatmika Khatua Secretary General of Kalinga Gourav Trust, Mr. Sridhar Martha, Producer, Mr. Rajendra Mahanta director, Major Kalpana Das, Advisor, Dr Rajanikanta Mishra and Mrs Punam Pathak of Kalinga Gourav Trust present at the event.

The launch event will feature a range of activities and initiatives, including the introduction of the Golden Hour Hero Privilege Card, Golden Hour Accident Kit, Golden Hour Song, Golden Hour Brand Ambassadors Awards, and Golden Hour Hero Awards. The event will also recognize and honor women who have excelled in various fields through the I Woman of Substance Award 2023.The project has received support from a range of stakeholders, including the Commissionerate Police, Transport Commissioner, hospital and automobile industries, Ollywood industry, and youth groups.

Speaking on the view of the drive, Ollywood actor and brand ambassador of Kalinga Gourav trust, Sidhant Mohapatra said, “Odisha has the highest rate of road traffic accident deaths in the country, with many fatalities occurring due to delays in reaching hospitals within the critical Golden Hour. The “Golden Hour” drive seeks to address this issue by educating the public on the importance of timely action and life-saving measures during accidents.”

Talking about the drive initiative Secretary General of Kalinga Gourav Trust, Dr Chidatmika Khatua said, “The “Golden Hour” drive is a crucial step towards reducing road traffic accident deaths in Odisha and ensuring timely and effective life-saving measures. Kalinga Gourav Trust invites everyone to join the cause and become a hero in someone’s life.”

The launch event will be attended by distinguished guests, including Shri Priyadharsi Mishra, CP, Shri Arun Bothra, Transport Commissioner, and Dr. Sanjeev Patjoshi (IPS), Delhi, among others.


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