Kairabh Studio conducted a Theatre and Acting workshop – NAUTANKI


Bhubaneswar: Kairabh Studio today conducted a Theatre and Acting workshop – NAUTANKI at KIIT Road, Patia, Bhubaneshwar. The workshop was facilitated by Mr Shrirang Ketkar, an experienced person in the fields of theatre, writing and direction as well as in acting.

The workshop started with little warm-up exercises. The exercise was done to relax the body and face muscles with is very necessary before a person gets on to the stage. After completion of the exercise, Mr Ketkar shared his experience which he gathered for the last 12 years in Marathi, Hindi and English language theatres. He also taught the basics of theatre and basics of acting which turned out to be very helpful for the young students.

Mr Ketkar made the workshop even more interesting by calling the students on stage and teaching them the basics and having them implemented on the spot. Participants were divided among 4 teams and they were asked to prepare a skit and perform it. Apart from the organisers and participants, there were others who enjoyed a lot. One of them is Mr Nilanjan Mitra lead photographer from The Celluloid House which was the media partner of Nautanki. “It was such a great experience working with team Kairabh as we got to learn a lot,” said Nilanjan.

The facilitator himself was very satisfied with the event. “Never expected such a wonderful response from so many students about theatre in today’s date. Thanks, Team Kairabh for the opportunity“. And the participants, oh yes !! They were damn happy about the whole workshop. Prof Kamala Kanta Dash of Kalinga Kusum Foundation was one of the participants who said “ We are happy to attend this workshop. We got to learn a lot from Mr Ketkar. He is a wonderful teacher and we expect to have more workshops like Nautanki in near future”.

Around 30 students participated in the workshop. The participation came from engineering student as well as from people who completed their graduation. “ We are delighted to see the overwhelming response of people towards this workshop as well as theatre . “ says the founder of Kairabh Studio – Mr Soham Choudhuri.

The planning stage was difficult for us but it was fun organising Nautanki 2018 “ said the Creative Director of Kairabh Mr Sharbo Kumar.


It should be noted that Kairabh Studio is a Theatre production house started in December 2017 in Kolkata. The team is led by two guys in their early 20s, Soham Choudhuri (FOUNDER) and Sharbo Kumar Samui (Creative Director). They are changing the way theatre is perceived in Bhubaneswar.