Junglee Rummy Leads the Online Skill Gaming Industry with Localization

It is no wonder people favor spending time on websites/apps that reflect their local culture, language and people. Almost all companies, including gaming platforms, have their websites and apps available only in the English language. So to diversify their user base, most of the online gaming companies are personalizing their games to serve region-specific audiences better. The Asian Absolute Stats marketing agency says that only 27% of the audience added up to make the English-understanding market and the remaining 73% make up the local language market.


To bridge the gap between the two was always a challenge for online gaming companies. The huge number of local language users has always been a target audience for the companies. To cater to the 73% of the segment, they needed fresh and unique ways to get them on the platform.


India is known for its diversity and Junglee Rummy, being a rummy game company, followed the localization approach to attract the interest of people from all states. The user can choose their preferred language while connecting to the customer support team and get a superior user experience while playing online rummy on the platform.


In India, English is a widely spoken language, yet many people like to engage in traditional games like Indian rummy in their regional languages. Understanding their needs, Junglee Rummy provides support and an option for players to use the app in their local languages. Getting the option to communicate in their regional language, customers feel more drawn to the platform.


The ease to get support and have communication in their regional languages is a major way to get customers hooked on the platform. Moreover, publicity via word of mouth spreads faster, making users the goodwill ambassadors of the company. For instance, a customer who has a satisfactory experience on Junglee Rummy will bring more consumers. Sharing their experience with their friends, family or colleagues by users creates further testimonials, which make customers understand that a particular website or app is trustworthy and reliable.


Platforms like Junglee Rummy are posting content such as contests, quizzes, tips and tricks, and detailed tutorials in regional languages on their social media pages. A huge chunk of their subscribers and users are on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. They are connected with the platforms to remain informed about the latest news and updates.


Junglee Rummy provides updates in regional languages for a better reach to its users, enhancing their experience and making it easier for them to interact and connect with the platform. To create a sense of familiarity, testimonials and feedback videos by real players are being shared on the Junglee Rummy website and app in the local languages. Providing testimonials in regional languages makes the rummy app sound more attractive and reliable.


Moreover, combining localization with its newly appointed brand ambassadors from the Gujarati entertainment Industry (Manoj Joshi, Anang Desai and Malhar Thakar), the South Indian Industry (Prakash Raj and Rana Daagubati), and Bollywood (Shaan, Rajpal Yadav and Rahul Vaidya) has been of great help in appealing to the target audience and building a strong reputation. They have been promoting Junglee Rummy through advertisements and interacting with the audience in their respective regional languages. This boosts the reach among users as celebrities from the industry are admired by many across the country. Their existing fan following across the globe has helped the platform to connect with people who prefer local languages.


Millions of card lovers play  online games every day and the number of new users is increasing very fast. To make the user experience even more satisfying and thrilling, Junglee Rummy comes up with more innovative features from time to time. Now every player who signs up and plays on Junglee Rummy feels and plays like locals do.


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