JSW Paints ropes in Alia Bhatt & Ayushmann Khurranaas brand ambassadors

New Delhi: JSW Paints, India’s new age paints company and part of US$ 12 billion JSW Group, has signed Bollywood actors Ms. Alia Bhatt and Mr. Ayushmann Khurrana as its brand ambassadors. The company is set to release its first ever marketing campaign featuring both these Bollywood actors. The campaign, ‘Har Rang Har Kisi Ka’, celebrates the diverse colours of India and encourages Indians to #EmbraceEveryColour. The integrated marketing campaign will be rolled-out across the company’s current markets in South & West India starting this month and will be aired during IPL. It also features strong on ground connect with consumers, channel partners and influencers.

This campaign brings to life JSW Paints’ unique positioning of ‘Think Beautiful’. For years, paint companies in India have been charging varied prices for different colours. This makes certain colours inaccessible to the masses. JSW Paints’ ‘Any Colour One Price’ proposition that offers 1808 colours at the same price is an industry-first offering that has disrupted the entire paints market. This unique proposition will help restore the consumer’s freedom of choice in colour.

Commenting on the new marketing campaign planned by JSW Paints, Mr. Parth Jindal, Managing Director of JSW Paints said, “At JSW Paints, we believe that being thoughtful is beautiful and our #EmbraceEveryColour campaign embodies this spirit. Our new campaign showcases the India we all grew up in and live in today; a land resplendent with a multitude of colours. From the food we eat, to the festivals we celebrate, to the clothes we wear, it is these very colours that make everything Indian, so beautiful. Making colours accessible to all through our “Any Colour One Price” approach is our tribute to every Indian’s love for colour. In order to take this campaign to an India that is getting younger and better every day, we wanted thoughtful ambassadors and believe that Alia Bhatt and Ayushmann Khurrana are perfectly placed to take our message of unity and togetherness forward.”

Commenting on her association with JSW Paints, Bollywood star Alia Bhatt said, “I am delighted to be associated with JSW Paints and absolutely love the thought behind the #EmbraceEveryColour campaign as it highlights the underlying message of India’s unity in diversity. I always gravitate towards cinema that has at its core an inspiring and thoughtful message for the viewers and that also reflects in the kind of work I have done. I see these values mirrored in the way JSW Paints operates its business. I look forward to a long-term association with the brand.”

JSW Paints Brand Ambassador & Bollywood star Ayushmann Khurrana added, “I am really happy to be part of the JSW Paints family. The core of the new campaign speaks to my heart as I passionately believe in the underlying theme of #EmbraceEveryColour, which is all about unity and inclusivity. It is a beautiful concept and I am glad to be part of this. I look forward to an interesting journey with the brand ahead.”

JSW Paints was launched in early 2019 as a greenfield venture backed by cutting-edge technology, automation and scale that is comparable to leading players in the sector. The company manufactures and markets both industrial coatings and decorative paints wherein it offers a range of family friendly water-based paints for Interior & Exterior walls, wood & metal surfaces in Homes. The company’s biggest value proposition is its effort to usher transparency in pricing through Any Colour One Price that enables consumers to choose colours confidently for their homes.

According to Mr. A S Sundaresan, Joint MD & CEO of JSW Paints, “Colour is what consumers most want from paints. This is the reason we have put colours at the heart of our maiden campaign and our brand Ambassadors Alia and Ayushmann have given it a beautiful soul. We are celebrating a unified India’s diverse colours with our ‘Any Colour One Price’ strategy, the first and only paint company to do this, offering consumers complete freedom to choose any colour. Our family-friendly only water-based paints range is focused on creating the most satisfying experiences for customers. We are sure that the #EmbraceEveryColour campaign will be liked by our consumers across the country.”

Acclaimed feature film director, Mr. Nitesh Tiwari, who directed the TVC film said, “This film has a very pertinent message in today’s India. It appeals to the young and modern India that stands for what they believe in, and Alia and Ayushmann have done a marvellous job portraying the characters that manifest this message. I am glad to have been part of JSW Paints’ journey of thoughtfulness.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Govind Pandey, CEO TBWA\India says “Colours have a special significance in India. It is a country of rich diversity that is celebrated by the language of a million colours. But over time, we have attached parochial meaning to these colours, putting them into the boxes of caste, creed, gender and emotion. This campaign aims to liberate colours from the narrow boxes that society has built around them. It tells the story of an India where all colours are meant for everyone. And what better duo than Alia Bhatt and Ayushmann Khurrana to carry this thoughtful message.”

Commenting on the new campaign, Managing Partner (Creative) of TBWA\India, Mr. Parixit Bhattacharya said, “True beauty lies in the way we look at the world. This campaign makes the painting experience more than just about adding colours to homes. It’s about being able to embrace every colour by looking beyond labels. It puts an end to the divide and makes colours truly for all, one wall at a time.”

Paint is an important décor element around which various colours for a home is matched. Thus, the consumer’s engagement on selection of colours while painting their home is very high. Moreover, selection of colour also reflects one’s choice and taste. It is often believed that colour is an important décor element that facilitates or indicates change, be it in terms of personal, professional or social standing.

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