JSW Paints Any Colour One Price Campaign reveals Alia in a new avatar as ‘Sawalia’

DELHI : JSW Paints, India’s new age paints company and part of US$ 13 billion JSW Group, released its new marketing campaign “Sawalia” with Alia Bhatt to coincide with IPL 2022. The new TV campaign features Alia Bhatt in a unique double role. In the new ad campaign, Alia Bhatt plays the quintessential Indian consumer as well as an alter ego- Sawalia. The alter ego, Sawalia prods the consumers to ask questions before making their choice of paints.


Sawalia is a contextually important marketing campaign considering that all other paint companies in the Indian industry charge extra for colour and a different price for every colour. The deeper the colour higher is the cost. This not only increases the cost of the paints but also takes away the consumers’ ‘freedom to choose their favourite colour’.


According to Ms Anuradha Bose, Chief Marketing Officer of JSW Paints, “JSW Paints is on a mission to give the freedom of choosing colours to consumers with its ‘Any Colour One Price’ offering. However, surprisingly, consumers are not even aware that they have been paying extra for decades and that they no longer have to. For this to change, the first step is to encourage our consumers to question why they are charged extra for colour and make them conscious that when they don’t question, they pay the price. In our new marketing campaign, Sawalia is an alter-ego of Alia Bhatt who persuades people to ask the right questions on why one has to pay more money for darker colours. The film shows Alia asking the contractor to paint a deeper shade of her choice and reluctantly agreeing to pay more. Sawalia ,then,prods Alia to ask the right questions. We hope the campaign will make consumers question the current practice of unequal and opaque pricing of colours and make it a mainstream conversation.”


JSW Paint’s Sawalia campaign is released during IPL 2022 on Star Sports and other key regional channels. It is also launched on the Disney+Hotstar streaming platform. This integrated campaign offers a completely new canvas to the JSW Paint’s Any Colour One Price brand promise.


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