JSW Foundation begins handover of Salboni’s SuperSpecialty Hospital to Government of West Bengal

Kolkata: JSW Foundation, the social development arm of JSW Group, is currently in the process of handing over the Salboni’s Super Specialty Hospital (SSH) and its assets to the State Government. In 2018, Government of West Bengal (GOWB) handed over the Operations & Total Management of this hospital to JSW Foundation under a unique Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) aimed at operationalizing the medical complex.

Salboni’s Super Specialty Hospital is one of the hospitals established in West Bengal under the Government initiative to provide affordable and effective medical services to public. Coupled with the Swasthya Sathi scheme of Government of West Bengal, this was perhaps an unprecedented effort by any State government in the country and required to be complemented by private sector participation. JSW Foundation, over the last two years, through its PPP Agreement operationalized the medical services at this Hospital to a level wherein mass public, especially the rural poor, could avail free treatment. JSW Foundation also attempted to connect the Salboni Hospital to renowned experts, even from UK through its O&M partner, to provide consultation to its patients.

Commenting on the operationalization of the Super Specialty Hospital in Salboni, Mrs Sangita Jindal, Chairperson of JSW Foundation said, “Salboni Super Specialty Hospital’s medical facility demonstrates the need for public-private-partnerships in creating affordable healthcare services in our country. The mobilization of existing resources deployed at this Hospital by JSW Foundation is in line with our commitment to drive a positive change today for a better tomorrow. Our efforts during the last two years were focussed on strengthening & improving preventive and curative healthcare services of this public health facility.”

According to Mr Ashwini Saxena, CEO of JSW Foundation, “As part of our mandate to operationalize the medical services at Salboni Super Specialty Hospital, we have tried to optimize the full potential of the medical facility. Our efforts were aimed at blending the available infrastructure with right mix of medical services. Over the past few months, the Hospital witnessed an increasing number of walk-in patients. Now that COVID-19 is emerging as a major public health issue, it is a step in the right direction by the government to deploy this hospital and its infrastructure for the same.”

Looking at the criticality of deploying a suitable infrastructure to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, the State government decided to take over the Salboni’s Super Specialty Hospital so that it becomes a dedicated COVID-19 Level IV Hospital. It would again be one of the few such facilities in the region, demonstrating the significance of the hospital for such services and the State government’s commitment towards public welfare.

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