Journey of Shree Jagannatha Idol from Puri to the City of BATH

Puri: Idols of Mahaprabhu shree Jagannatha , shree Balabhadra, Mata Devi Subhadra and shree Sudarshana carved from the auspicious neem tree at Shree Khetra, Puri by the Maharana. Now these idols ready to travel to City of BATH of United Kingdom. Each Idol weighing upto 90 Kgs.

The Core Sevaks and the Founder members of Shree Jagannatha Temple of City of BATH have visited Govardhan Peeth of Puri of Odisha with the idols to seek divine blessings from Jagadguru Shankaracharya Swami Nischalananda Saraswati and his Majesty King Gajapati Maharaj Dibyasingha Deb.

With this effort an attempt to bring the wider brotherhood under one common tree with Shree Jagannatha will be possible. It means Lord of the Universe is symbolic and it will bring the attributes of National Integration, Cultural Exchange & promote Indian Tourism. It will also connect the devotees of Shree Jagannatha across the United Kingdom regardless of class, caste, or sector. In the same manner Shree Jagannatha Temple, City of BATH will be the hub of enhancing spiritual, cultural, social and physical growth based on Hindu Sanatan Dharma principles of duty towards family and society.

The idols will be arriving in the United Kingdom after visiting other related Jagannatha Temples in India, namely Shree Jagannatha Temple of Puri, Shree Jagannath Mandir of Hauz Khas of New Delhi, Shree Jagannathji Mandir of Ahmedabad, Shree Shree Patitapabana Jagannatha Mandir of Kakarudrapur of Odisha.
This to seek affiliation and strengthen bonding between Shree Jagannatha Temple City of BATH of United Kingdom and various Shree Jagannatha Temples in India. This is to ensure that the correct procedures and rituals are followed in accordance to the guidance provided by scholars of Shree Jagannatha Sanskriti .

There are over 10,00,000 Hindus in the United Kingdom, out of which a large proportion of Hindus are followers and devotees of Shree Jagannatha, spread across different communities. Here the world famous Rath Yatra festival is religiously celebrated across different locations as well as especially in the City of BATH without a dedicated Shree Jagannatha Temple for last 15 years.

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