JK Paper augments farmers’ income through Carbon Credits

For the first time in India, small and marginal farmers in Odisha and Andhra Prdesh are benefiting twice from sale of carbon credit from agro-forestry plantations

Rayagada : JK Paper Mills Ltd(JKPM)’s plantations, driven by in-house research programme, have covered more than 45,000 hectares of land over the years. By providing farmers high quality plant species through the Company’s plantation research centre, it is helping the farmers to improve their economic well being. Very large number of farmers in the states of Orissa, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat and Maharashtra are benefiting from this programme. The plantation with its superior quality plants contribute towards a strong base for high quality raw materials

JKPM and VEDA Climate Change Solutions Ltd(VCCSL) in association with World Bank Bio Carbon Fund (BioCF) organised a function for distribution of revenue obtained from sale of carbon credits to farmers at Jaykaypur adhering to full covid guidelines.

In the function, Shri Biswajeet Dwivedi, Vice President (Commercial) handed over cheques to the farmers. In his address he informed that JK Paper had always considered farmers as partners in its progress for which it had looked to the welfare of farmers and tried to ensure better returns for them. The amounts being paid to the participating farmers is in addition to the sale proceeds of the wood supplied by them to JKPM.

Shri Bijoy Ratho, GM (Plantation & R&D) in his address informed that eligible farmers have benefitted twice from this unique project which links small farmers to the global carbon market and enables them to play a part in climate change mitigation. The project which was started in 2004 will continue upto year 2034 and participating farmers can get this revenue another 2 times.

This project is promoting Public-Private Partnerships to address global warming and poverty. The project is 1st of its kind in India where the poor farmers are benefiting through the global mechanism of carbon credit supported and guided by JKPM & VCCSL with support from World Bank Bio-Carbon fund. Farmers will be paid additional amount of Rs.8742/- per Ha from sale of carbon credit. This will not only create additional income for farmer, but will also improve environment by reducing greenhouse gases (GHGs).

JKPM is instrumental in motivating many rural poor farmers for joining the project, supplying good quality planting material and providing technical guidance for plantation. JKPM has also done the documentation of all these processes and organized training & capacity building for improving awareness level and ensuring sustainability of Project. JKPM has also taken up Environmental Impact Assessment(EIA) study to ensure the project does not harm the environment. Shri P.K.Kuila, Senior Manager (Plantation) extended vote of thanks.

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