JioFibre provides next level digital experience to broadband users in Bhubaneswar, Cuttack & Rourkela

Bhubaneswar: The anvil of JioFiber seems to have completely transformed the digital experience for broadband users from all walks of life in several cities of Odisha. Providing true high-speed broadband starting from 100 Mbps and going up to 1 Gbps, JioFiber is catering to thousands of customers including individual households to small and large enterprises and professionals in various fields.

Rolled out in phases across several cities of the state, JioFiber is presently available in select areas of five cities including Bhubaneswar, Cuttack, Rourkela, Sambapur and Bolangir and is being fast extended to other major cities in the state as hundreds of new customers join the Jio broadband digital life.

Further expanding its service to more cities and areas in the state JioFiber is now available in key areas of capital city Bhubaneswar including Nayapalli, IRC Village, Jayadev Vihar, Maitri Vihar, Unit 6, Kharvel Nagar, Jagannath Vihar, Baramunda Housing Board Colony, OUAT-Surya Nagar and Satya Sai Enclave near AMRI Hospital. Similarly, in Cuttack, JioFiber service is now available in CDA Sector 6 and Sector 9, Jobra, Nimchouri and Daragha Bazar.

In Rourkela, JioFiber service is available in Civil Township, Koel Nagar, Chhend, Jagda and Basanti Colony. In Sambalpur, residents of Budha Raja and DaniPalli areas can avail JioFiber while the services have commenced in Palace Lane area in Bolangir.

JioFiber, which announced the commencement of its services from September 5, 2019, offers 100 Mbps minimum broadband speed along with landline connection with unlimited free voice calls and access to premium applications, games and OTT platforms.

Appreciating the super reliability and consistent high-speed broadband offered by JioFiber, popular Odia music composer Goodly Rath says “JioFiber has truly proved exceptional and I can now rely on my broadband speed at any point of time and save my precious time as I can download even full-length movies in just a matter of minutes. The speed is super consistent even as I use internet on four different devices simultaneously most of the time. This has come as a big support as well as time saver for people like me working in the fields of entertainment and media where we have to often transfer and download multimedia files of humongous sizes in a short span of time.”

“Also, I am now able to fully enjoy watching video content on popular OTT platforms without any interruption or glitch as it never goes into buffering with JioFiber”, he added.

A retired medical professional Dr. S. P. Dash from Nayapalli area in Bhubaneswar also echoed similar sentiments as he is now able to download voluminous medical research videos within seconds and even watch live videos without any buffering with the super consistent speed of JioFiber. After experiencing benefits of JioFiber himself, Dr Dash has recommended the service to several of his doctor friends who are now using JioFiber and enjoying high speed broadband. The younger ones in the house are enjoying the high-speed experience specially for playing virtual reality-based games using the consistency of high-speed broadband of JioFiber.

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