Jio paving the path for Digital India


Mumbai: Jio is the catalyst Digital India needed. Since the commencement of its services two years ago, Jio triggered a digital revolution and put the power of data within the reach of every Indian.

At the helm of this era-defining movement was a new age technology supported by an entire suite of digital solutions. The new age technology allowed Jio to offer Indians with affordable and abundant data, the oxygen of digital life.

India’s journey with Jio in the last two years:

World’s largest all IP network: Jio’s network is state-of-the-art, all IP network, with LTE spectrum across 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2300MHz bands, and the largest fiber footprint. Jio has the widest LTE coverage in India, more than any other telecom player. Jio’s network will soon cover 99% of India’s population. Thanks to Jio, India has achieved larger 4G coverage than 2G coverage set up over last 25 years by incumbents

Free Voice became a reality in India. Jio gave unlimited free calling with all of its tariff plans. The market rapidly moves towards data and consumer is the winner, once again.

Mobile data consumption in India has gone up from 20 crore GB per month to nearly 370 crore GB per month. Jio customers alone are consuming nearly 240 crore GB of that data. India moves from 155th in broadband penetration to 1st in the world in terms of mobile data consumption. Within months of its launch, Jio became World’s 1st and only Exabyte Telecom network with data transmitted over Jio’s network surpassing 100 crore GB per month.

Fastest Ramp up of Subscribers in the world by any technology company. Jio added seven customers every second reaching 100 million customers in just 170 days. Today over 215 mn (as on 30th June 2018) customers are enjoying digital life on Jio network.

Jio ushered in Data democratization: Tariffs become much more affordable – from the time when a GB of data cost anywhere between Rs. 250 – Rs. 10,000, post launch of Jio the cost has come down to less than Rs 15 per GB currently. Jio users pay even lesser on various plans.

The TRAI SpeedTest portal, which officially monitors the quality of telecom networks in India, has consistently ranked Jio as the clear 4G network leader in coverage, usage and data speeds month after month.

Tariff Simplification: Prior to Jio there were nearly 22,000 tariff plans on offer. Post Jio all operators are trying to replicate the Jio model by trimming the number of plans. Jio offers only a few simple tariff plans with specified marquee plans at any point in time. This has simplified life for customers and they are able to choose the best deal for themselves.

Exponential Growth of digital ecosystem: Post Jio, all key social media platforms like Facebook, Youtube and others have seen enhanced user base in India. India has become most active market for Google and Facebook, estimated 70 mn additions in the first year of Jio’s commencement of operations.

Catalysing the device ecosystem of the country: Launch of VoLTE devices under LYF by Reliance Retail, which propelled all smartphone brands to increase focus on LTE shipments in the country leading to the current status where almost all smartphone shipments are LTE devices. Introduction of JioFi – the personal voice & data hotspot that enables users to enjoy Jio Digital Life on multiple devices and also enjoy the benefits of VoLTE calls on their old 2G/3G mobiles.

JioPhone ushers in a new Digital Era: Ushering in a new digital era for feature phone users with JioPhone, India’s new smartphone. With 25 million sold by June 30, 2018, the phone is targeting 100 mn customers in the shortest possible time. While effectively free, consumers can get this device by depositing only Rs 501 and exchanging their old feature phone. That would mean the benefits of digital life extending further into the remotest parts of India at most affordable tariffs.

Further deepened the digital life proposition: In the constant aspiration to offer more to the customers, Jio has been adding to its bouquet of offerings. Over the two years Jio or its parent company, Reliance Industries, has acquired the music portal Saavn, announced deals with Eros and ALT Balaji, bought digital rights for Winter Olympics, Nidahas Trophy among others. Announcing its presence in the digital education segment, Jio’s parent company also acquired a majority stake in Embibe, the unique data driven education services platform catering to Engineering, Medical, Banking and Class 8-10 (Foundation) exams. Jio’s own apps gained immense popularity with 200 mn downloads for MyJio and more than 100 mn for Jio TV.

Jio: Continuing its partnership with India

Jio is determined to take India to be among the top-5 in broadband connectivity, both for mobility as well as fiber based wireline connectivity. It has built future proof networks and will continue to deliver the most advanced technologies to its customers for decades to come.

Jio has built a Digital Connectivity Platform of unparalleled capacity and a nation-wide reach. This has enabled Reliance to strategically reinvent itself as a Technology Platform Company. Digital platforms have become the new-age factories and service providers. The world is entering into an era of Anytime Value-Creation, Everywhere Value-Creation, and Value-Creation by anyone who has a smart business idea. Jio has prepared itself for this exciting future of non-linear and exponential growth.


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