Jindal Bricks invests in a new 4 crore-worth Freymatic cutting machine to enhance the quality and quantity of production by 60-70%

Jindal Bricks, one of India’s leading manufacturers of machine-made bricks, unglazed ceramic cladding tiles, brick pavers, and hollow blocks, has invested in a brand new freymatic brick cutting machine. Purchased for a value of 4 crore, the new machine will help increase production rate by 60-70%, along with a range of utilitarian benefits for the brand, as well as its customers. The state-of-the-art machine and the technology it uses are developed by Switzerland-based Freymatic AG, one of the pioneering manufacturers of machinery and equipment.

Well-known in the global construction industry for being one of the best in the world, the freymatic cutter has been installed in the extrusion section of Jindal’s plant. Besides the greatly increased production rate, it also offers incredible precision and accuracy, helping avoid undulated edges in bricks while cutting, as compared to conventional ones. This helps create high-quality bricks with sharp and completely clean edges and corners, that retain their rectangularity, while also being completely uniform in their shape and dimensions.

Conventional cutters work by applying high pressure on the extruded block, to cut bricks and other building components. When bricks are made, the clay is first softened by adding water to turn it into a soft dough, moldable in the desired shape. This dough is then turned into a long block of what will ultimately be individual bricks with the required holes, face shapes, and other specialties, stuck together. The cutting machine is then used to separate them into individual bricks, which are then dried and baked in the brick kiln.

When conventional cutters are used, the high pressure can create inward bends, or ridges and contortions on the surface and along the edges, as the force is not uniformly distributed. In comparison, the freymatic cutter applies uniform pressure throughout its cutting section, and also possesses a self-cleaning capability to prevent residues interfering with the next batch.

Mr. Lakshay Jindal,Director and CMO , Jindal Bricks, said, “The installation of the freymatic cutter is a key highlight for Jindal Bricks, as it will completely transform both the nature and quality of our brick production. What’s more, owing to its high-precision, the machine will also help enhance the quality of our wide range of extruded products, such as roof tiles, hollow blocks, and more. These factors, along with the high efficiency and 60-70% increased production rate, will help us offer our customers the very best products designed for both aesthetic and functional appeal!”

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