Jagatsinghpur residents demand railway connectivity to district HQs.


Report  Kahnu Nanda; Jagatsinghpur: Against the backdrop, residents, civil society bodies and district political leaders cutting across party lines have demanded railway connection to Jagatsinghpur district headquarters. They claim constructing new railway line Chhapada to Niali Road connecting proposed Bhubaneswar- Astaranga Rail link.
If their demands are fulfilled district headquarters which is presently deprived of railway connectivity will gain access to rail facility, people of Naugaon, Balikuda, Jagtsinghpur blocks and residents of river Devi under Cuttack district directly move to state capital Bhubaneswar by train covering a comparatively shorter distance, Bhubaneswar to Paradeep port town distance would be reduced, they argue.
Expressing concern over the apathy of the union government in terms of railway connectivity to the district headquarters, few social activists here have sought the intervention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, union railway minister, state chief minister and Members of Parliament and MLAs coming under the areas and have sent memorandums in order to draw attentions. Report said that the activists seem to be showing greater awareness on railway connectivity to Jagatsinghpur headquarters and proposing to launch a civil movement very soon, report said
Even though it was 40 years ago Jagatsinghpur proudly carved out a place for itself in the railway map when Cuttack- Paradip railway link constructed, goods train did run to Paradip port later passenger trains had launched on the tracks subsequently.
The irony is that the railway link to Paradip bypasses Jagatsinghpur district headquarters, locals complaint that since 25 years have been passed Jagatsinghpur district carved out from erstwhile Cuttack district in the year 1993 no step has been taken either by political level or government level to fulfil the locals railway needs, report said that as many as 11 MPs have been representing from the Jagatsinghpur Lok Sabha constituency since 1977 but none of them has raised the issue at Parliament, report said.

Reiterating the Union government stances that Indian railway would be connected each district of the country we demand laying of 25 Km railway line between Chhapada to Niali road connecting proposed Baranga to Astaranga rail link which land acquisition process has begun it will bring help Jagatsinghpur headquarters on the rail map, informed social activist Saroj Nayak who is leading this public awareness drive.
Investigation reveals that the existing Cuttack- Paradip rail link evades Jagatsinghpur headquarters since its initiation, stretching new rail link to Jagatsinghpur headquarters through an extension to cater the needs of passenger train commercially unviable on the part of Railway besides land acquisition would be a horrible task for the purpose by state government. But a new construction laying 25 Km rail line between Chhapada to Niali connecting proposed Astaranga rail link would be benefited Jagatsinghpur residents, as Chhapada rail connectivity is just 7km away from Jagatsinghpur headquarters, report said.
Political party’s apart, different socio cultural organizations too have stared creating public awareness here about the rail Link demand, if the demand is met sooner rather than later Jagatsinghpur will really come alive and pace of development will definitely gain momentum, informed Arun Kumar Acharya who is actively on the stir.
On the other hand a large number of locals have initiated a signature campaign for providing railway network in Jagatsinghpur headquarters, a memorandum has been sent to the Prime minister, union railway minister in order to draw their attention, informed Biplab Choudhury, chairman Jagatsinghpur municipality.