Jagatsinghpur administration amends few Covid 19 guidelines for public adherence

Report by Kahnu Nanda,Jagatsinghpur: Mounting pressure from general public, shopkeepers and traders, district administration modified few post Covid preventive guidelines issued earlier under unlock 3.00. Official sources informed that earlier shops had been permitted to open within restricted time limit 7.00AM to 2.00 PM but considering traders and public request the time ceiling has been modified on Wednesday. According to new timing set by administration stipulates that all the permitted shop except medicine stores shall be opened for an extended time limit from 7.00 AM to 4.00 PM every day, besides shopkeepers and visitors will maintain strict personal hygiene measures as using mask, social distancing, and hand sanitizers. Violating any guidelines the shopkeeper will be imposed fine and the shop would be sealed as per Covid 19 guidelines.
Moreover general public and visitors are disallowed coming to government offices until 15 August. The visitors and public have advised to use e grievance portal to lodge their complaint and grievances through on line or use social media and whatsapp number to connect with concern officer or department furthermore a drop box has been placed in front of each office enabling visitors to drop their complaint off line.
In another modification held in police administration district superintendent of police has instructed officers at police stations to conduct antigen test of each arrested accused person before forwarding to court on Thursday.

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