ISKCON water logging: Joint squad finds three obstructions along the side drain

Bhubaneswar: On the Day II of the field enquiry by the joint squad of Bhubaneswar Development Authority (BDA) and Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) the team has come across at least three obstructions along the second drain, which originates after the siphon in front of Krishna Tower, opposite ISKCON Temple in Nayapalli and passes through Behera Sahi.
Yesterday, the special joint squad removed encroachment, made the depth of the siphon more by employing excavators and removing debris from the second drain, which was blocked by putting debris and soil by nearby residents and developers of multi-storeyed structures.
It can be mentioned here that the water logging along the NH service road along the ISKCON Temple is happening as the siphon was unable to discharge the water through its two side branches. While one passes through Bhoi Sahi, the second one passes through Behera Sahi.
In case of heavy rains, while the water level on the service road is increasing with the additional water coming from the flyover_ just like opening up of streams on a hill slope_ on the Nayapalli side, the non-clearance of drain water beyond the siphon on the Behera Sahi-end, was adding to the problem as the water level was not receding near the ISKCON Temple, with the net inflow becoming more than the net outflow in the system.
BDA Additional Commissioner-cum-Member Enforcement Bhabani Shankar Chayani led the field inspection today along with the engineers from the Drainage Division, BMC. Drainage Division in-charge and Executive Engineer II of BMC Pradip Duria was leading the BMC team.
“The Drainage Division of BMC will prepare a plan to remove the obstructions along the second drain, which originates from the siphon and passes through Behera Sahi and takes the water towards the origin of Drainage Channel No. 10, which has its origin from Nayapalli area. Once the water from the second drain flows without any obstruction and reaches the nearby drainage channel, it can help in partly reducing the water level on service road along the ISKCON Temple side of NH-16,’’ said the BDA Enforcement Member.
Apart from lack of proper outlet of rainwater coming from the top of the flyover during heavy downpour, the wrong design adopted by NHAI not to have enough under pass outlets for the flow of rainwater from the upper gradient (Nayapalli side) to the lower gradient (Behera Sahi) has resulted in accumulation of rainwater on the NH service road along the ISKCON Temple. The siphon near ISKCON Temple is the only siphon between CRP Square and Jaydev Vihar Square. Moreover, the wall like structure on the middle of the NH has created a great divide causing more headaches for the natural flow of water.