International Human rights council meet held at Nabarangpur

Report by Basant Rath; Nababarangpur: International human rights council an non-governmental organisation (NGO) observed world human rights day and its foundation day at Sai Kalyani Mandap, here on Friday.

Speaking the occasion chief speaker of the meeting Narashinga Tripathy, president district bar association defined different laws related to the protection of human rights. The human rights court at the district level has a great potential to protect and realize human
right at the grassroots and also provisions for speedy trial of offences arising out of violation of human rights. Due to lack of awareness among the people “Not a single complaint filed till today before the human rights court of the district” he added.

Chief guest Banka Bihari Bissoyi, highlighted the district’s major issues in education, child labour, and rising graph of infant mortality and maternal mortality rate in the district. He further said, pregnant women carried on Cot and bike to hospital in rural villages of this district. The reason no ambulance can reach in their village in case of an emergency as there is not a single motorable road leading to hundreds of villages in rural pockets of this tribal dominated district he added.

Presiding the meeting Councils state chairperson Sasmita Das, said to
create awareness of human rights among the people we our organisating
workshops and meeting in every districts. Human Rights Day is
celebrated on December 10 due to the Mondei celebration we are lately
organising the meeting she added.
Different districts organisation were felicitated in the meeting.
Among others Secretary of the Bar association, Ram Prasad Patro,
social activist Jagannath Mohapatra, Naba Panda, Monorama Majhi,spoke
on the occasion.