Interest in Online Recreational Activities Starts To Increase

The online betting industry has taken the whole world by storm. Western European countries, the United Kingdom in particular, and the United States dominate the field, but the activity has quickly spread out to bountiful territories all over the planet. The list of the new online betting areas includes India.

Non-regulated market

Although sites like Bettingbilly India show numerous potential options for online betting in India, gambling is still not 100% regulated there. This is why the country is losing approximately $1.5 billion in lost revenue. We can only imagine the benefits both the Indian bettors and the government would have in a fully-regulated market.

The main reason for such a legislative loophole lies in the fact that only 23 million Indians can afford to bet online at the moment. However, the country is enjoying economic expansion and prosperity right now and we can be optimistic in regards to the further growth of an eventually-regulated niche.

Test cricket & IPL

Cricket is more than a sport for Indians, as it plays a major part in the country’s culture. As long as test matches and IPL events are played, Indians will be interested in betting. Watching a game with your money involved can only bring more excitement and improve the overall experience we get. We should thus not doubt a potential interest the Indian’s residents may have for online betting. The Indians are known as big fans of other sports as well, including tennis and hockey. The only obstacle between them and full-scale online betting lies in technical aspects, those that generally do not have much to do with sports or betting as an activity.

Cultural differences

Of course, India can by no means be compared to the likes of the United Kingdom or the United States when it comes to online gambling. Western ideologies are only beginning to take root here, as well as African countries for example. However, the numbers do stand behind the fact that the Indians are starting to embrace online pastimes in general, not just in the gambling niche. For example, TikTok has become a super-popular social media network in India lately.

The growth of the Internet

Everything mentioned above has something to do with the technological advancements and the growth of the internet. The number of households with a registered internet connection has enlarged from 566 million to 723 million between 2018 and 2020. We can only expect the trend to be continued moving forward, especially by tracking India’s overall economical progress in the last few years. With a high interest in sports and betting, economical prosperity, and the availability of online betting sites, the whole industry is just about to hit the predicted heights in India.

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