Intensive campaign against chit fund companies, encroachers and black-marketers in Madhya Pradesh: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan

Bhopal : Work is being done at a rapid pace at various levels towards establishing good governance and rule of law in the state. Under this, the strict legal proceedings against chit fund companies, encroachers, people involved in illicit liquor business, black marketing of food items and fraudsters cheating the general public are going on under the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan. The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan himself is instructing the district administration and police administration to take strict action by holding regular meetings and visiting the field.

Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has said that our aim is that those who commit irregularities should not be spared and the general public should not be harassed. As per the instructions of Chief Minister Shri Chouhan, intensive action in various areas has been taken in the month of January 2021 in the state-wide campaign.

Action against adulteration

In the campaign against adulteration in all districts of the state, 204 FIRs against adulterators were registered, 28 NSAs, 94 food establishments were sealed, 78 licenses were cancelled, 6 illegal factories were razed. 137 cases were registered against those who were involved in irregularities in the distribution of food grains and ration and material worth Rs 7 crore 99 lakh was seized.

Action against land mafia, miscreants and illegal encroachers

Action against 695 goons was taken including the land mafia, goons, miscreants and illegal encroachers in the month of January. Of these, action was taken under the National Security Act (NSA) against 37. 137 illegal constructions of encroachment were pulled down and a sum of Rs 19 crore was deposited and land worth Rs 1394 crore was freed.

Illegal mineral transportation

461 FIRs have been registered in the state to prevent illegal transportation of sand minerals.

Action against mafia

Proceedings are continuing against the land mafia, goons and illegal occupiers of government land. So far, 1089 acres of land worth Rs 1025 crore has been freed.

The Chief Minister Shri Chouhan has issued clear instructions that during the action against the mafia, it should be ensured that the poor and those who follow the law do not face any trouble under any circumstances.

Action against chit fund companies

Strict legal action is also being taken against chit fund companies. Not only criminal cases have been registered under this, but an amount of Rs 24 crore 47 lakh has been returned to 14 thousand 600 investors.

75 acres of land worth Rs 150 crore of Sahara Company in Katni district was attached. Four properties worth Rs 67 lakh 37 thousand of Saksham Dairy Limited and Sun India Limited in Gwalior district were auctioned. Assets of chit fund companies were attached including 37 crore rupees in Mandsaur district, 22 hectare land worth 10 crores in Singrauli district, 9 crore in Barwani district, 7 crore 75 lakh in Ujjain district, 3 crore 46 lakh in Chhatarpur district, 3 crore 63 lakh in Dewas district and of Rs 3 crore 16 lakh in Alirajpur district.

Urea / manure

Under Urea Top-20 Buyer, information of 6 thousand 687 cases was fed on the portal out of 7 thousand 823 cases. The registration of 507 fertiliser vendors in 46 districts of the state has been suspended and the registration of 170 fertilizser vendors in 28 districts has been canceled. In this sequence, FIRs were registered in 67 cases in 26 districts. 11 vehicles engaged in illegal transport were caught. In January alone, cases were registered against 46 people and 161 people were made accused.

Action against illicit liquor

In the action taken against illicit liquor in the state so far, 20 thousand 835 cases have been registered and 61 thousand 723 liters of country-made, 28 thousand 916 liters of foreign liquor and one lakh 34 thousand 475 liters of raw liquor has been seized. The estimated value of the liquor confiscated is Rs 11 crore. In these cases, 20 thousand 393 people were arrested. Besides, 441 four-wheelers and two-wheelers were also seized. In the month of January alone, 38 thousand 936 liters of country liquor, 19 thousand 495 liters of foreign liquor and 35 thousand 305 liters of raw liquor was seized in 12 thousand 729 cases of illicit liquor. The estimated value of the liquor confiscated is Rs 6 crore 89 lakh. In this action, 12 thousand 387 people were arrested and 232 two-four wheelers were seized.

Recovery of abducted girls

In the state 2444 abducted girls were recovered in January. The highest 175 abducted girls were found in Indore, 144 in Sagar, 115 in Dhar, 107 in Rewa and 102 in Chhatarpur district.


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