Intellectuals spread social messages to poor tribals on the eve of Satya Sai Baba’s 94th birth anniversary

Rayagada: Chilled winter has set in the villages of Rayagada. The poverty stricken tribals, who were earlier using firewood to combat early morning cold, are now finding it difficult due to vanishing jungle in their vicinity. At this juncture Satya Sai Seva Samithi(SSSS) Rayagada has resolved to do their bit to help these poor tribals to save them from this teeth breaking cold.

So, on the eve of 94th Birth Anniversary of Bhagawan Satya Sai Baba, 94 blankets were distributed to the poor and needy people at the village Tenthilikona and Baisingi village by the brothers and sisters of SSSS, Rayagada. At the same time villagers were advised by the devotees to keep the village always clean as a part of Swachh Bharat Abhijan and not to ease at open and public places. They were also advised to send their children to the schools meant for them.

Dr K Salava Raju, Retired Principal of Rayagada Autonomous College and now the member of Permanent Lok Adalat spoke to the villagers on spiritualism and environment conservation alongwith rules of law.
The villagers were advised not to consume alcohol and other intoxicants, which spoiled their health and life. Villagers of Baisingi took oath that they would not allow their male members to get into alcohol addiction .
Sri Sunil Mohanty, State trust member, Sri VRR Mohan Rao, Sri Uttara Kumar, Sri MVR Murty, Sri Rami Naidu and other sisters Smt K Sobha Rani, Smt Eswari Devi and Smt M Vimala joined in the campaign and celebrated the birthday with a difference.

Simillary 94 Amrita Kailshi were also distributed to the poor people of Mathikona village by the same team
with the holy message by Bhagawan to go the villages and serve the needy “Hands which serves in the society are holier than the Lips which pray”. Prasad sevan for Rayagada public was organised at Satya Sai Temple of New Colony, Rayagada. This kind of community service will be continued in a sustained basis in the future, said Dr.Raju.

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