Inequality Virus more endemic than Novel CORONA Virus

Khordha: Today at Yatri Nivas the Inequality Virus report released. Secretary of voluntary organization SAHAYOG setting the context of report release said the magnitude of loss suffered by humanity during Covid-19 lock down and shut down was unprecedented. Our district khordha and her people suffered as well. We need to analyze our context and what we can do to mitigate the gap in livelihood, health and education to prepare a blue print for Khordha. Corona Virus pandemic the world’s biggest public health crisis in a hundred years only comparable with the Great Depression of 1930 in terms economic distress. Amid lock down, shut down when 138 million of our poorest Indian people suffered immensely. Millions of Indian lost their livelihood, children lost education, health care almost dismantled and inhumanly poor unorganized sector migrant workers beeline on road in barefoot without food, water and rest. This shook the mankind. But the top few emerged as the achiever with record breaking profit. As per the Inequality Virus Report wealth of Indian billionaries goes up during lockdown while millions lost their livelihood. India’s 100 billionaries have seen their fortune increased by Rs.12, 97,822 crores since March 2020, enough to give everyone of the 138 million poorest Indian people a cheque of Rs.94, 045 each. That is the huge gap of inequality which we can’t cross and that inequality virus is more endemic than the Corona Virus said Rabi Das senior journalist in the “The Inequality Virus Report” release programme at Yatri Nivas Khordha. He said we have to remember the sufferings of people and that can teach how to fight any future debacle. When people are suffering how the censex going up can? Central Government has been claiming we are doing well we suffered less live loss than the USA or Italy. But our neighboring countries suffered less than us? What we are pretending to show the great joke Elephant is flying. He suggested the Medias as the third eye of society analyse the Inequality virus report and the suffering of mass for extensive by the people. Educationist Prof. Pramod Ch. Dash said the invisible inequality of online education surpassed all forms of earlier gaps in haves and haven’t. You can go to any place the students those were for last 8-9 months closed everything are least interested for education or going to school. May be they will need another round of back to school push up. MDM one of medium to end drop out and mitigate nutrition gap stopped. They didn’t received any education and many more access the black side of internet surfing. Jyotirindranath Mitra honorable MLA, Khordha graced the occasion as the chief guest. He admitted the suffering, can’t denied. The huge loss is irreparable. Health, education, and livelihood everywhere we have been losing. But government of Odisha never undermines people’s suffering and trying with many plan and schemes to improve the condition. We have to follow the discipline to save and protect us. Its’ the truth that stay home and stay safe was not a luxury for the poor people. But Government of Odisha is doing and will do all best possible solutions to improve people’s life. Bikram Swain, Umakanta Panda and others were present in the release programme.

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