IndiGo announces daily direct flights between Mumbai and Chengdu

New Delhi: In a bid to enhance point-to-point connectivity, India’s leading carrier – IndiGo – today announced the launch of daily direct flights connecting Chengdu with Mumbai effective March 15, 2020. Currently IndiGo’s extensive network connects two destinations in China – Chengdu with Delhi and Guangzhou with Kolkata via daily direct flights. With the launch of these flights, Mumbai will be the third metro connected with China directly, while the frequency will be 42 IndiGo flights operating to and fro between India and China each week.

Mr. William Boulter, Chief Commercial Officer, IndiGo said, “We are pleased to announce our third daily direct connection between India and China on the auspicious occasion of the Chinese New Year 2020. Having entered China in September 2019, IndiGo is now connecting India’s financial capital – Mumbai, with China’s city of the pandas – Chengdu. We are committed to increasing accessibility and mobility between the two countries, while promoting economic growth and social cohesion. Besides being a popular destination for Indian travellers, China is also the world’s largest source of travellers, over 100 million outbound trips estimated in 2020. We strive to build Mumbai, Delhi and Kolkata as gateways from China to connect with over 60 destinations in India through IndiGo’s unparalleled network, offering an affordable, on-time, courteous and hassle-free flying experience.”

Mr. Boulter further added, “We are aware of the concerning situation of the corona virus in certain areas of China and are working with the authorities to ensure the health and safety of our passengers and crew. At present our flight schedules are unaffected.”

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