India’s updated estimate of tiger population stands at 2,967 individuals

New Delhi: According to the results of the All India Tiger Estimation, 2018 released by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India, the population of wild tigers in the country is estimated to be 2,967 (SE range 2,603 – 3,346). The report titled ‘Status of Tigers in India – 2018’ also highlights the importance of tigers maintaining core habitats for breeding, expanding conservation interventions to include habitats beyond extant Protected Areas, maintaining connectivity and providing rigorous protection from poaching.

The All India Tiger Estimation 2018 involved surveys in 381,400 of forests, and a total of 522,996 km was walked by staff of the forest department and other partners. The 2018 survey was unprecedented both in the extent of tiger habitats that were surveyed, and in the density of camera traps used with cameras being placed within a 2 grid.

Overall, the results of the 2018 surveys bring both great hope and reassurance about the tigers’ prospects in many areas within India.

WWF India was an implementing partner in this endeavour, which was led by the National Tiger Conservation Authority, and the Wildlife Institute of India, in collaboration with State Forest Departments.

While the future of India’s tigers across vast landscapes has always been a challenge in the face of various threats, the latest estimate indicates the relevance of the conservation measures that have been implemented by the Government, Global Tiger Forum (GTF), WWF and other organizations working in the sector.

Dr. Rajesh Gopal, Secretary General of GTF said, “The scale and magnitude of the assessment is unparalleled globally. The outcome demonstrates ongoing concerted efforts from the federal, state governments and collaborators”

Mr. Ravi Singh, CEO & SG, WWF India, said, “Given the immense pressures on India’s biodiversity, the current estimates are encouraging and speak of immense commitment of the government, local communities and the support of citizens of India.”

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